Games Totally Rule!

You may be a genius when it comes to games or not. But it doesn't matter. Almost everyone has fun playing computer, video, and online games! I know! I'm a game geek!

Are YOU a game geek? Do you have what it takes being crowned the king or queen of the games? Once your done with the quiz you will find out! Once you take it I hope you'll like it and do it again another time or day!

Created by: Jasmine Adrienne Burnett
  1. Which game includes challenging questions that sometimes even adults can't answer.
  2. Which game mostly includes letters to win money?
  3. Which game do you play that you have to build?
  4. Which game has a series of games that you can play that involves four people that you can play on an XBOX?
  5. Which game involves building a home?
  6. Which game makes you bake on your computer?( Not really bake your computer!)
  7. Which game involves saving a princess?
  8. Which game has a series of trivia questions on every subject
  9. Which game includes aliens that you can play on an XBOX?
  10. Which game ia on XBOX and has fighters fighting?

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