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  • You Are A Goddess 86%

    You are a Goddess. What is a Goddess? A Goddess is when a girl's appearance and personality fits in perfectly with a guy's ideal girl. In other words, someone thinks your appearance and personality is too good to be true, as in, simply, you are perfect! A Goddess is also known as dream girl.

    Whoa, thank you lol And it's so awesome that all the results are good, though different. Really good quiz

  • How the frudge did I get goddess? I guess my personality could fit but I'm not that pretty. My hair is pretty but it's very hard to control and tangly (kinda in a cute way) and my eyes are green but they aren't that big and I have small pimples. That ain't to good to be true xD I appreciate it though :)

  • Um just wondering..... How in the the heck I got goddess at like 11 though I should have just considering I have 3 boys who like that I mainly ignore.

  • Wow, goddess? No way. Thanks though.

  • I am fine.
    Nice quiz.
    Last time I press the random quiz button. XD

  • Woops guess should be in there


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