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  • "And what makes it just sound dumb as f---"
  • "I've tried looking at free online counseling options for you tonight, but there don't seem to be any reliable ones that don't involve paymen..."
  • cacti are so happy
    "part of the earth, part of the sun, part of the air and sky I wish I was a cactus even a dying cactus knows it will feed the ear"
  • "Fable 2"
  • "but do I also want to stay on the phone for three hours while she talks about her latest perm, her upcoming neighborhood watch meeting and g..."
  • Angel Beats!
    "sometimes I still jam out to some GirlDeMo playlists on YouTube tbh also Yuri's story had me bawling like a baby Otonashi's stor"
  • "every time I have a busy day I've got two hampers of laundry to put away, over 50 pages I have to read by Wednesday, trash to take out"
  • Ethnicity
  • "Make it so that Take On Me by a-ha plays on a continuous loop in the background on every page."
  • "it started out intriguing but tbh now it's just kind of sad and weird"
  • Morning
    "I'd hire you : ("
  • Morning
    "oh, how is the job search thing? did you get hired?"
  • Morning
    "eh, having a crappy couple of weeks, you?"
  • Morning
    "good morning zero"
  • would you rather
    "I feel like as long as the spiders stayed in one spot it would be fine"

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