Are you black or white?

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Let me set the record straight. This quiz is NOT to tell you whether you're supposed to be black or white 'race wise.' This quiz will tell you what your aura color is.

Each of us are different, which means we'll have different auras. Is your aura black, or is it white? Are you evil, or nice? All these things will help determine your color!

Created by: Magical Nonsense
  1. Do you like the darkness, or do you like light?
  2. Do you put others before yourself?
  3. Do you have 'evil' thoughts?
  4. Would you ever kill someone?
  5. Are you mostly mean, or nice?
  6. You see someone being bullied, what do you do?
  7. Are you 'enthusiastic' about meeting new people?

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Quiz topic: Am I black or white?