What is your Aura?

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Auras can reveal information about your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and even others' wishes for you. Each color is not completely straightforward, however, and one must take into account the shade of a color in order to get an exact reading. Auras are given off by all living things because they emit energy with a special vibration and color. That color can be seen by gifted people and those trained in the healing arts, who can manipulate energy fields for effective healing.

Auras come in all colors. It's rare to have only one color in your aura, although auras typically have one predominant color. Some can be a composite of rainbow colors. With this quiz, you'll know what your aura colour is.

Created by: Unisister
  1. What is your favourite colour? (Not the one you want to have for the result)
  2. Choose a card:
  3. Close your eyes, and imagine a room. Can you see a door, a staircase, or a window?
  4. What is your favourite thing to study?
  5. What do you believe in?
  6. What would you be...
  7. Carry on this pattern as you think... 1,2,...
  8. Choose any card in my hand...
  9. Are you very religious?
  10. Close your eyes, and imagine a dog. Is it wagging its tail, barking, or just sitting?

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Quiz topic: What is my Aura?