do you look like me

Do you look like me.My brother?Our nieghborhood hobo?Find out!Dont worry about the results because they dont matter anyways.You could always look like my all american sister.Maybe you look like a cow behind?

Lets hope not.I dont have black and white as a skin color.So if you have hooves,black and white spots and moo, please leave.Also no boys allowed.Men can not understand the complexities of the female mind.I think I have 150 letters bye now,so enjoy the quiz.

Created by: eilloh
  1. what color is your eyes?(Brown)
  2. what color is your eyes(blue)
  3. what color are your eyes?(green)
  4. what color is your hair(Black to brown
  5. what color is your hair(blonde/red)
  6. what race are you?
  7. how tall are you?
  8. you consider your weight to be..
  9. what is your body shape?
  10. what color is your skin?
  11. Are you ready to stop wasting your time on my quiz I thought of cause I was bored?
  12. Have a nice day or night,depending on what time it is where you are taking this quiz.

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Quiz topic: Do I look like me