what super why character are you?

this quiz will decide which super why character you are. it is very easy and funny. and if you get whet then that is not good. i would be upset if i got wyet

have fun fun fun!!! i hope you do well and i hope you dont get wyet. i got the pig all of the results are not very good the best is probably wyets little sister even though she is not like her big brother

Created by: shara iggingbburhge
  1. can you fly
  2. how old are you
  3. where is your club house
  4. what do you think of your parents?
  5. do you where a helmet?
  6. what is your favorite food?
  7. how do you get around
  8. what would you do if your house caught on fire?
  9. 4+8=
  10. favorite animal
  11. favorite tv show or movie

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Quiz topic: What super why character am I?