The Unforgiven and Unforgotten part 15

Hola my people I have an important announcement to make. I'm holding a contest for confidential reasons and you just have to guess the answer to the question. The question will be in the results and in the comments as well. Also I hope you guys enjoy this part!

Shane has light brown hair, emerald green eyes, pale skin, lean muscles, and a to die for smile. He's also a Vampire. Drake is the antisocial and mysterious type with his dark brown hair with natural blonde highlights, icy blue eyes, tan skin, two military dog tags around his neck, sexy body and sexy deep voice, and hot muscles. He's also a Werewolf. Omar is the funny yet smart one with his dirty blonde hair, bright amber eyes,and perfect muscles. He's an Immortal with powers. Aaron is sort of the leader type with his coal black hair, gorgeous golden eyes, fit body, lean muscles, and adorable dimples. He's also a Fallen Angel. Jayden is the trouble maker with his dark brown hair and red highlights at the tip, light purple eyes, lean muscles and body. He's a Werewolf/Vampire hybrid.

Created by: Cometlight
  1. *Recap* Alright so you trained with the guys on your powers and played a prank on Jayden. Later on Omar had a precognition and said that Luka is coming. One more thing I need you guys to read the first paragraph above, thank you!
  2. We stood there for who knows how long laughing until we heard a loud thud on the steps, we all looked to see that Omar had tripped on the top of the stairs and he was breathing rapidly. Omar stood up and brushed himself off. "Guys it's an emergency." He said and he wasn't playing around. Drake narrowed his eyes and stood up. "Omar what's going on?" Drake asked. Shane was on the floor still trying to stop laughing. Omar gulped and slowed down his breathing. "I just had a precognition, it's Luka he's on his way and he's coming for__________." Drake remained stiff and Shane was instantly quiet, just then the sound of a door being knocked down echoed throughout the mansion. Jayden then was at the top of the stairs behind Omar. He was panting lightly and raised his hand. "Never thought knocking down a door can take so much energy,________I'll get you back but firsts things first. WHAT THE HELL LUKA IS COMING!?!?" Jayden yelled and everyone just stared at him. He waved his hands up in the air. "Hello am I the only one that sees what is happening here?" Jayden asked. Shane stood up from the floor and brushed himself off, apparently he recovered quickly from his laughing outburst. "No Jayden we're all alive here we got to get out of here we don't have much time." Shane said and his tone was serious. I raised an eyebrow. "Exactly how much time do we have?" I asked. Drake exhaled sharply. "There's a drawback in Omar's precognitions, he always get's them 30 minutes before what he saw happens." Drake explained and walked off with Shane behind him. My eyes widened as I looked towards Omar. "You've got to be kidding me." "Nope now hurry up and start packing."Omar said and smiled as he raced up the stairs, Jayden was far ahead of him since he used his vampire speed leaving me the only one in the living room.
  3. I climbed up the stairs as fast as I could and up towards my room. I burst through the door and looked around for a suitcase, thankfully there were a few in the far end of my closet. I grabbed them and unzipped them, then I started working on gathering all the clothes and stuffing them inside the suitcases. At the corner of my eye I noticed a flash of orange past by me. I turned around and looked to see Starfire standing there and watching me, okay it seriously isn't me. Starfire was now the length of a toddler. "How exactly fast do you Sun Dragons grow?" I asked since it was barely two hours ago that I saw Starfire. She giggled inside my head and a smile grew on her face. -Pretty fast I'll say it's actually fun. Can I help you pack? You seem like your in a hurry.- Starfire said softly inside my head, why must her small childish voice be so adorable? I couldn't help but smile at Starfire. "Yeah you can help just grab some of the clothes inside the closet and place them inside this suitcase." I said to her and turned around to grab anythings that I might want to take with me. -Yes ma'am- Starfire replied and started getting to work. I grabbed my laptop, Ipod, and a cellphone that I barely noticed. It was one of those new ones that's like an iphone and tablet in one. I shrugged and placed the phone in my back pocket alone with my Ipod, I unzipped another suitcase and placed the laptop safely inside. When I looked to see how Starfire was doing my jaw dropped. She had packed all my clothes neatly into two suitcases and my walk-in closet was empty, completely empty. "How did you-" I attempted to ask yet my voice failed me and trailed off. Starfire giggled again inside my head and said. -We dragons have amazing speed although we are more faster and agile in the sky. Anywho do you need anymore help, doing that was really fun.- Starfire said happily and hopped up and down like an eager puppy on my bed.
  4. I shook my head. "No I think that's everything Starfire, thank you though." I said and smiled while I zipped up the suitcases, 2 large roller ones and 1 medium one that I have to carry. -Okay so why is everyone in such a hurry?- Starfire asked and cocked her head to the side. I sighed softly and sat down on the bed. "Luka is on his way and he's coming for me." I said to her simply. Starfire looked down at the ground and nodded. -Isn't Luka one of the bad people?- She asked as she raised her head and gazed at me with her cloud gray eyes. I nodded and played with my fingers. "Yeah he is sort of like Mason." I said and shuddered at the thought if Mason ever found me again. Starfire noticed and crawled next to me, she placed her small paw on my hand and curled her tail around herself. -I don't like Mason since he tried to hurt you, but we don't know if Luka is like Mason. Maybe he's good and we just don't know it. Doesn't everyone deserve a chance?- Starfire said softly as she gazed at the wall with her gray eyes focused and deep in thought. I blinked and started to think about what Starfire just said, she doesn't chose sides because she believes that you can't judge someone just by hearing what other people say about them. The guys were right about Mason but are they right about Luka? I hate to say it even though Starfire is still a kid she makes a good point, I have to know the truth about Luka. There's no way the guys will let me see him since they're too over protective, looks like I'm going to have to wait awhile. "15 minutes!" I heard Shane yell up the stairs and then Jayden burst through my door. "Hey________you read ye- Woah what's that?" He asked and pointed at Starfire.
  5. I was about to say something but then Starfire butted in. -Excuse me but I am not a "that" I am a Sun Dragon for your information and if you ever refer me as a "that" again I will bite your hand off and rip you to shreds myself.- Starfire threatened Jayden inside his head and aloud me to hear the threat. Jayden's eyes widened and he took a step back, he probably did not expect that to come out of little innocent Starfire. I couldn't help but start to laugh because the look on Jayden's face was gold and because Starfire's childish voice is just not scary when she threatens, I fell on the bed backwards and continued on laughing. "I'm sorry alright I'm really sorry." Jayden apologized and stood at the doorway in case Starfire tried to attack him or something and he can make a run for it. I managed to stop laughing and sat up yet once I looked at Jayden I found myself laughing again. Starfire flicked her tail and narrowed her sharp cloud gray eyes. -Hmph your lucky I'm letting you off the hook but next time you better make a run for it and hope I don't catch you.- She said and stood her ground. Jayden's purple eyes widened more if that's even possible but I'm guessing it is since he did it, a few seconds later Jayden raced out the door. Starfire raised her head in triumph and a smirked tugged on her snout. I stopped laughing and shook my head. "Starfire that was amazing I have never seen Jayden act like that." -Your welcome it was really funny and awesome- She replied and climbed up my shoulder. -I've also noticed that something else is bothering you and it's not about Luka or Mason, um it's it's someone that always stood beside you- Starfire said gently and curved her tail up. I nodded and bit my lip, she was right and I have been thinking about this a lot I just didn't want it to surface but now that it was brought up that emotional pain hit me hard.
  6. I closed my eyes and felt a tear being shed and slowly falling onto my cheek. "It's about my wolf hybrid- White Fang. Even before all of this happened White Fang was always there beside me through thick and think no matter what. He always assured me things would get better even though he didn't speak until now, I don't know where he is and I fear the worst when I let my mind wander it's like a piece of me has gone with him and I can't get that piece back until White Fang himself comes back." I spoke softly and just barely above a whisper. It was all true White Fang was no is a brother to me and he understood me like nobody else. The only thing I want is for him to return safe and sound, but this is no fairy tale things happen and we can't change them. Now that I think about it White Fang was gone when I came back from when Mason kidnapped me, so that means he had to disappear during that time I was locked up. I stood up slowly as the adrenaline coursed through me, I clenched my fist and flexed my jaw. I need answers now.
  7. Starfire jumped off of my shoulder and onto the bed. She stood on her hind legs and looked at me. -______where are you going? ________?- Starfire asked but I ignored her and continued on walking. I walked down the stairs and looked to see Omar in the living room with his luggage beside him, he looked up and smiled when he saw me. "Hey________ready to go?" He asked but his smile disappeared as he saw the anger in my eyes. "Get the guys and tell them to get down here. Now." I said through gritted teeth. Omar raised an eyebrow. "But-" "Now Omar." I demanded and raised my voice. Omar tossed his cellphone onto the couch and walked past me and up the stairs. "I'm going no need to raise your voice." Omar muttered lowly as he climbed up the stairs. "I head that." I called up to him. "You were meant to." He retorted and I heard a light chuckle. I shook my head and sat down on the recliner while I waited. A few moments later I heard the faint sound of claws scraping against wood. I waited and waited until I saw Starfire's head peek around at the corner of the wall. I sighed softly and motioned her over, she scampered over to me and climbed up the recliner and sat down on top of my head. -_______are you alright?- Starfire asked telepathically. "No I'm not Starfire it's just that I need to know what happened to White Fang while I was kidnapped, I can't bare to imagine what might have happened to him that's why I need to know the truth." -Maybe they're not telling you because they just want to protect you- "That's what everyone is telling me but I'm tired of being protected. What good is it not telling me if I'm going to find out sooner or later and finding out that way might just make things worse." I said knowing the feeling. -You do have a point there but the question is are you ready for the truth?- Starfire said softly. The adrenaline left my body leaving me wondering if I am ready for the truth. I took a moment to answer until I realized it. "No Starfire I'm not ready for the truth yet." I whispered only that Starfire could manage to hear, I doubt even with enhanced hearing no one could have heard it. I looked down at the carpet and fidgeted with my fingers, everything was quiet too quiet. I activated my enhanced hearing and could hear 4 heartbeats, and 4 steady breaths. I smirked but kept looking down at the ground. "You guys can come out now I know your there, there's no point in hiding." I said and deactivated my enhanced hearing. I waited a few seconds yet nothing happened. -Starfire can you go check it out please?- I asked inside my head. -Okie dokie- She replied and leaped off my head, onto the recliner arm rester, and then onto the carpet floor. She shook herself off and scampered over towards the stairs. She slid to a stop as she faced the stairs but she was in clear view so that I could see her. I then noticed her eyes narrow and her shoulder blades were hunched back. This can't be good.
  8. **Jayden's POV** I was zipping up my suitcases when I heard Omar call all our names. I placed my bags against the wall and stood at the doorway. I leaned out and looked at Shane and Drake but apparently they had no idea what was going on either. Shane was the first to leave his room followed by Drake and me last. Me being easily distracted stopped in my tracks when I saw a quarter on the floor, just laying there. I bended down and grabbed it I placed it between my index finer and middle finger, today is just my lucky day well besides the point that Luka in on his way and that dragon in___________'s room scared the living c**p out of me. I shivered and continued on walking towards Omar, but Drake and Shane had already beat me so Omar was already talking. "So what I miss?" I asked. Drake stood quiet and Shane eyed me with a look in his eye that I couldn't quite make out. Omar cleared his throat and we all turned our attention towards him. "_________wants all of us downstairs but I don't know why, but the thing that creep me out the most was the anger I saw blazing in her eyes." He said. We all looked at each other trying to figure out what_________could be upset about. Drake leaned against the wall and stood quiet, Shane started pacing back and forth, and Omar was messing around with his hair. Me I was just fiddling around with the quarter I found on the floor, never came to mind that a quarter can be so fun to play with when your bored. Shane stopped pacing and rubbed his hands together. "Lets go downstairs we don't want to get________more mad." Shane said and we all nodded in agreement. Drake took the lead with Omar behind him me behind Omar and Shane behind me. We climbed downstairs quietly and stopped when we heard_________talking.
  9. We framed ourselves against the wall and stood quiet as we listened, say eavesdropping if you want but I call it 'listening to a conversation that your not suppose to listen to.' "No I'm not Starfire it's just that I need to know what happened to White Fang while I was kidnapped, I can't bare to imagine what might have happened to him that's why I need to know the truth."___________said. First of all who is Starfire? Is she the dragon I saw in_________'s room? I looked at the guys and could see confusion in Omar and Shane's eyes, Drake's were just plain blank. We then continued on listening. Silence and then_________speaking again. "That's what everyone is telling me but I'm tired of being protected. What good is it not telling me if I'm going to find out sooner or later and finding out that way might just make things worse." __________said and I was able to detect what is it? Sorrow, anger? One of those two I don't know. Silence again. I furrowed my eyebrows, why is it all so quiet? I used my enhanced hearing but I didn't hear anything besides heartbeats and breathing, the usual stuff. I deactivated it and stood completely still. I then decided to crack inside_________'s mind. Which I was going to do until I heard_________'s voice again. "You guys can come out now I know your there, there's no point in hiding." She said. We all stood still and stiff because there is no way I am going out there alone. A few seconds later the dragon from earlier appeared in front of us just a few feet away, eying us like we're it's prey. "Wha-" Omar was about to talk but I covered his mouth. -Nobody make any sounds or movements and whatever you do don't call the dragon a 'that'- I told all the guys in their heads. I removed my hand from Omar's mouth and grimaced when I saw his saliva all over the palm of my hand. -Really Omar? really.- I told him telepathically. I wiped the saliva on my pants while not taking my eyes off of the dragon. She may be small but she scares me and her threat made me even more scared of her. -Guys when I count to 3 make a run for it up the stairs and whatever you do don't look back. It's every man for themselves in this situation- I said and received small nods from them. I looked at the dragon and could see her long tail flicking back and forth. I gulped and every single muscle and bone in my body was screaming 'RUN!' but I didn't.....not yet. -1......2........3- I said in their heads and we all raced up the stairs
  10. **Your POV** I watched Starfire as she flicked her tail back and forth, what is she doing? I stood up and started walking towards her when I suddenly heard multiple footsteps rapidly running up the stairs. I looked towards Starfire and she was gone in a blink of an eye. I shook my head and smiled when I realized that she was most likely chasing after the guys, this should be interesting to watch. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and listened carefully, well there was no need since I heard the following yells and screams. "WTH IS HAPPENING!?!?" That was from Jayden. "S**t it's coming after me!!!" That was from Shane. "Wt is that!?!?" That one was from Omar. Silence. "Omar you freaking idiot!!!!" Jayden and Shane yelled. I looked up the stairs when I heard things crashing, glass breaking, claws scraping against the walls, furniture being knocked down etc etc. Then Drake appeared at the top of the stairs and slid down on the railing. He landed beside me and smirked. "Hey_________." He said softly and held onto his notebook. "Hello." I said and smiled. "How did you get past the dragon?" I asked curiously. Drake smirked and shrugged. "Maybe because I climbed up the stairs and leaned against the wall as the guys ran cowardly while a baby dragon chased them. I then went into my room grabbed my notebook and then came down here." He explained and smiled. I nodded as I eyed the top of the stairs. "Smart never run because it just shows a sign of weakness." I said. Drake nodded as he gazed at me. "Indeed." He said and I could feel his icy blue eyes continue on staring at me. We both heard a few more crashes and thuds. "Uh oh." Omar said and soon we heard yelling. "Duck." Drake said simply and knelt down. I knelt down beside him and saw Omar flying over us. He landed on the kitchen floor on his back and groaned. Soon after Shane and Jayden came racing down the stairs and Jayden hid behind Drake. "Save me brother." He said and used Drake as a shield, Shane looked up at the top of the stairs and exhaled sharply. He then went over to help Omar get up. I stifled a laugh and trotted up the stairs to find Starfire
  11. I reached the top of the stairs and looked around for Starfire, but one thing for sure it looked like a tornado and earthquake hit this place. There was glass everywhere, furniture knocked down and broken in half, pictures knock down and ripped, holes inside the walls along with small claw marks, and surprisingly the ceiling had cracks and holes in it as well. I shook my head and sighed. "Starfire." I called out and waited. Starfire then appeared out of thin air and landed on my shoulder. I looked at her curiously. "How did you?" I asked and looked around. She giggled and replied happily. -From the ceiling I was in the hole right above you. That game was fun when can we play again?- Starfire asked and cocked her head to the side. I smiled and scratched the top of her head. "Soon but right now I need to introduce you to the guys." I said and trotted down the stairs. -But I don't like meeting new people- Starfire whined. "Too bad you have to meet them and get to know them." I said. -Fine- She pouted. I reached the bottom of the stairs and looked around, the guys weren't here must be in the living room. I entered the living room and sure enough there they were. Once they say me they all smiled but once Omar, Shane, and Jayden saw Starfire, Jayden jumped back, Omar's eyes grew wide, and Shane grew stiff. Drake just smirked and gazed at Starfire. I smiled and went to the center of the living room. "Guys meet Starfire. Starfire meet Drake, his brother Jayden, Omar, and Shane." I said and pointed to each one of the guys. Starfire leaped off of my shoulder and onto the coffee table. She narrowed her eyes and then looked back at me. -Where's the one that you asked me to heal?- She asked. I sighed softly. "That's Aaron and he still hasn't woken up yet." I replied. -Oh- Starfire said softly and looked up at the guys. Omar raised an eyebrow and regained his composure. "Is it just me_______or are you talking to yourself?" Omar asked. I faceplamed as I remembered that I haven't told them how Starfire communicates. "I forgot to tell you guys, the only way Starfire can communicate is by telepathy." Jayden sat back down and placed his elbows on his knees. "Okay we know that and also that Starfire is completely insane!" Jayden yelled. Starfire growled and flicked her tail. -I am not!- Omar then spoke up. "Yeah right you just threw me down the stairs not even a minute ago and your telling us that your not insane!" -Liar I did not throw you!- Starfire said a little too quickly. Omar leaned back in surprise not expecting Starfire for such a strong come back. "Uh I don't mean to interrupt your argument but we have exactly 2 minuted before Luka get's here." Shane said. All our eyes widened at once and everyone raced off using their vampire werewolf speed, except for me and Omar. We looked at each other and raced up the stairs. I slammed my bedroom door open and grabbed my luggage, then raced back downstairs. They guys were already there, Shane grabbed my luggage and raced off somewhere with Drake. Starfire trotted over to me and hopped onto my shoulder. Jayden grabbed everyone else's luggage and race away as well. Something then clicked inside my head. "Omar are we forgetting something?" I asked him as I stared at him. Omar shrugged and traced letters on his hand. "No I don't think so." He said without paying attention. "Your sure?" I asked and raised an eyebrow. Omar looked up and smiled. "Yeah I'm sure________why you asking?" "No reason I just noticed that we are definitely missing something." "Just tell me then." "We're missing Aaron!" I yelled at him in disbelief, how could all of them forget about Aaron. Omar took a step back and looked around. "Aw c**p." He said and ran rapidly downstairs and towards the lab
  12. Shane then returned and rubbed his hands together. "Let's go wait where's Omar?" "He went to go get Aaron since you guys forgot about him." I said with annoyance. Shane cursed and was about to race off when he looked at me. "Go out to the yard you'll see Drake and Jayden there. Get inside the car now we only got 23 seconds." He said quickly and ran off. I nodded and ran downstairs and out to the yard. I saw Drake and Jayden already inside the car, waiting. I climbed in and waited. I looked around and noticed Jayden was riding shotgun and Drake was on my left. Seconds later the door on my right opens and Omar climbs in beside me, the trunk opens behind us and Shane places Aaron down. Good thing the trunk was connect to the back seat and we were able to see Aaron. Shane climbed into the driver side and turned on the ignition, he pressed his foot hard on the gas and the car sped off. I exhaled sharply and leaned back in relief. Starfire climbed up the seat and laid down on top of the head rester above me. "Guys where exactly are we going?" I asked since curiosity was getting the best of me. "You'll find out soon enough." Shane said and continued on driving. I shook my head and closed my eyes. There was something I needed to do and the only way I can do it is by sleeping
  13. Sorry to end it here guys but I had to. Alright I hope you guys read the top paragraph the rules should be there and in the comments as well

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