Test Your GL Cat Knowledge!

Greenleaf is fast-pace. Among them are people who follow each plot to the end of the earth. Read every post, know what is happening. Are you one of those people? Lots can make claims. But few are this true to Greenleaf.

Pause whatever you are doing. Take five minutes to solve 13 questions. Do you know Greenleaf? Are you able to follow the world of GL step for step, dancing through it, viewing everything with such a closeness, it remains unforgotten? Prove it!

Created by: Brianna

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  1. What was the original reason for Spiritstar's account on GL Version 1?
  2. What rank was Blackstorm originally created as, but not accepted as?
  3. What was Thore's original name?
  4. What caused WindClan to fall, and Darkstar and Littlesun's deaths?
  5. How did Shadowstar die?
  6. The anti-StarClan symbol resembles what letter?
  7. Shadowstar is the son of what two cats?
  8. Finally -- "Darkness is the essence of life" are the words of which of these characters?
  9. Which of the following two inherited telepathy from their father? And after them, two others also did.
  10. Which two cats will lose their souls upon the death of one?
  11. Who has whose heart?

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Quiz topic: Test my GL Cat Knowledge!