the simpsons quiz

Are you a total Simpsons pro? Do you know your stuff like the back of your hand or do you know it like the back of your head where you see nothing? Try out your knowledge of the show here! You never know! Maybe your not as much of a pro as you thought. Maybe you know more than you ever imagined!

Are you up for the challenge? Do you feel confidant about your Simpson knowledge? No study guide for this test. Only pure prior knowledge! Pop quiz time! Will you ace the test or fail?

Created by: arf
  1. It took up a whole episode or two! It's the question everyone's been asking: Who shot Mr Burns??!
  2. How old are Bart and Lisa?
  3. What is Homer's mothers name?
  4. Who's child does Bart almost marry?
  5. YOU WILL KNOW THIS IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A SIMPSONS FAN!! Name the Simpson 5 (haha like Jackson 5! :))
  6. Which one is NOT the name of an episode??!
  7. Finish the following phrase (sung to the tune of the flinstones theme!): Simpson, Homer Simpson! He's the greatest guy in hhiisstooorryyy. from the...
  8. What is the Spider Poison (and apparently "people posion") called?
  9. Spell Smart!
  10. Quick Pick! ONLY ONE RIGHT ANSWER!
  11. "DIE...DIE...EVERBODY DIE!" (who forms the circle of crazy Simpsons following each other with knives while the house chants the above phrase?)
  12. Which Baseball player appeared on The Simpsons?
  13. Earthland realms in the context of the simpsons?

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