Simpsons Trivia

Many of enjoy watching the simpsons from time to time, but some of us may go a little overboard. Do you know where you stand? I know where I stand, but then again I made it. I actually didn't know any of this until I was bored one day.

Are you obsessed with the Simpsons? Do you spend too much time watching tv and surfing the net for useless information that has no significant importance in the real world? Let's See!

Created by: Hali
  1. Who does the voice of Bart Simpson?
  2. Kang and Kodos, the aliens that make frequent appearances on the show were named for two characters from what other show?
  3. What sector of the power plant does Homer work in?
  4. Springfield is thought to be in which state?
  5. What three characters were the only ones to have dialogue in every episode?
  6. In the episode when Lisa is elected president of Springfield Elementary she gives her email address. What is it?
  7. In the opening credits, the cash register shows a specific price when Maggie is "scanned". What is this price?
  8. In the episode "Lisa the Geek" Lisa is angry with Homer for tricking her into helping him gamble on football. She makes a bet with him that if the winner was Washington she loves him and if Buffalo won she didn't love him. True of False. That show premi
  9. In 2004 The Simpsons made TV Guide's Top 25 Cult Shows Ever. What was their ranking?
  10. In the episode "Bart vs. Australia, Lisa and Marge are buying souvenirs from a small shop. Lisa asks Marge if she can buy what object?
  11. What is Bart's locker combination?
  12. Cletus and Brandine have 29 children all of which are named throughout the shows. Which of the following is not a name of one of their children?
  13. In 1997 The Simpsons broke the record for longest running prime time animated tv series. Who did they beat?

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