The Ultimate Simpsons Quiz

The simpsons have been going for many years and there are many aspects to it. This quiz is very difficult so do not worry if you get some wrong. There have been hundreds of simpsons episodes and most of my questions have answers that only appear in one or two episodes.

This quiz will determine just how much of a simpsons nerd you are. The questions are all difficult and if you have not seen many simpsons episodes then it is unlikely that you will get many right. I would just like to say goodluck now. Good luck.

Created by: Alex

  1. When was bart born?
  2. What instrument did bart play before he injured his hand.
  3. What town is Groundskeeper Willy from?
  4. What did mr Burns convert his tennis court into?
  5. What martial art did Bart once attempt?
  6. How many people did homer think there were at the last supper before he found the real answer?
  7. What item of food did maud go to get before she was killed by a t-shirt?
  8. Which of these people has not appeared in the Simpsons?
  9. Which of these is not a voice of a simpsons character?
  10. Who has not owned santa's little helper

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