The Ultimate Simpsons Quiz

M y quiz is for real simpsons fans! so if you don't know the simpsons well or don't know them at all your probably just wasting your time. I hope you like it! It is a good quiz I have to say. Maybe get some simpsons ready to get your simpsons knowledge fresh! Tell all your friends about this quiz!! Sorry if this keeps going I need to type something in so might as well fill it in with this!

Get ready... here it comes! just remember if you don't know the simpsons this is your last chance to LEAVE! It is pretty hard so be prepared! And don't cheat by looking up the answers online because if you do well your not impressing anyone! OKAY EVERYONE!!! GET READY BECAUSE HERE IT GOES RIGHT NOW! OH JUST PRESS START QUIZ OR WHATEVER!

Created by: Sam

  1. What is Mr. Burns Birthday?
  2. What's the name of Fat Tony's Son
  3. What's Bart's Middle Name
  4. How many towns (not including springfield) have been affected by the mono-rail?
  5. Who goes on the road with Bart?
  6. Where do they go when they're on the road?
  7. Who ended up getting the Hellfish Bonanza ?
  8. What is Chief Wiggum's First name?
  9. Which of these names did Bart NOT suggest for the name of Lisa's doll?
  10. When Homer worked for Globex, what did he want to buy for his team?
  11. Which of these shows was on the Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase episode?
  12. What Does Homer Say?..."Everything Seems Bad...
  13. What Instrument does Otto Play
  14. From where did Bart fall from when he broke his leg?
  15. Who Invented the Juice Loosener
  16. Which famous singer helped stop whacking day?
  17. What did Ralph call Super Intendant Chalmers?
  18. What Sector Does Homer Work in in the Nuclear Power Plant?
  19. What TV channel do the Simpsons make fun of?
  20. What's the Name of Flander's Shop

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