The Ultimate Simpsons Quiz

Tired of Simpsons quizes that leave you feeling spiritually empty and unfulfilled? Well, say hello to the ULTIMATE SIMPSONS QUIZ. See, I used a bold font there to excite and arouse you, so you know it must be good. Take it now. NOW.

The toughest Simpsons quiz this side of Springfield, for the truely obsessive fans. How do you stack up? Currently only 10 questions, soon to be revised with many more added.

Created by: Nick

  1. The man credited with creating The Simpsons:
  2. The character of Bart Simpson was inspired by:
  3. In what season did the show transition from traditional cell animation to digital?
  4. Which of the following is not a segment of the very first Treehouse Of Horror special?
  5. Due to abundant fertillity drugs, Manjula ends up having:
  6. Selma is the one with:
  7. The episode in which Burns longs for his childhood bear, Bobo, is largely modeled after the film:
  8. The characters of Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz had to be retired due to the death of the voice actor portraying them. This death was the result of:
  9. In the 3rd season episode where Mr. Burns sells the power plant, the nationality of the purchasers is _______. It was originally written to be bought by the _______.
  10. Marge's mother is:
  11. In episode 3F23, "You Only Move Twice", the Simpsons relocate to:
  12. Which character has the highest IQ?
  13. Which of the following has never been a lifelong dream of Homer Simpson?
  14. Cletus Spuckler has a large number of children that has varied throughout the series. New ones appear, other are releaved to not be biologically his. In episode 4F08, "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson", Cletus has gathered 300 coupons for free pretzel
  15. Unlike some other animated comedy series' (such as South Park), The Simpsons does not often comment satirically on current events. This is primarily because:
  16. Dr. Nick Riviera is voiced by:
  17. Which character was never a member of Homer's bowling team, the Pin Pals?
  18. Mr. Burns' full first name is:
  19. Which of the following people have never been credited with writting a Simpsons episode?
  20. I was thinking about making the last question a freebie, but then I thought, no, I'd rather be an a--hole. Take the number of plusses Lisa gets on her test in "Lisa Gets an A". Multiply them by the number of pounds the steak "SirLoin A Lot" weighs in

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