The Simpsons - Episode 82 - Homer's Barbershop Quartet

Are you REALLY fan of The Simpsons? No. That's okay. If you aren't leave now. If you are, try taking this test. It will show if you payed attention. If you did, you'll do very well on this test. If you didn't, you'll do horrible on this test. Good luck.

Make sure to study hard by watching The Simpsons and pay close attention to everything. My questions are hard and unexpected...if you are not a big fan of The Simpsons. But if you think you're the biggest fan, then have fun with this quiz.

Created by: Newspaper2Day of Newspaper-2-Day
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  1. Who was the original Be Sharps member before Barney?
  2. Where did they find Barney?
  3. What did the sign say outside of Moe's Tavern?
  4. Who came up with the idea of the name 'The Be Sharps'?
  5. What was the man's name who was chosen to represent the Be Sharps?
  6. What was the original idea for the name of the barbershop quartet?
  7. What was the Be Sharps first number one hit?
  8. What were the lyrics in the song that Barney tried to save the quartet with?
  9. What did Homer sell at the swapping meet?
  10. What did Barney's girlfriend ask Moe to serve for her?

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