How Well Do You Know The Simpsons?

Hello and welcome to my quiz on The Simpsons! I LOVE the Simpsons and I know that after I do a good old Simpsons quiz, I'm always ready, wanting to learn as much as I can squeeze form the 29 amazing series'. Don't worry about you're score. If you're going to get annoyed over your score then don't take this quiz, it's just a bit of fun to see how much you know about these select Simpsons questions! Good luck and enjoy it!

Keep working hard and watching episodes and the information will sink into your head. Try to gather more information than Homer does beer in a single episode!

Created by: Henry Herbert
  1. How Much Money Does Mr. Burns Have?
  2. Since it's debut in 1989, how many episodes have there been?
  3. Who is Marges art teacher?
  4. What is Sideshow Bob's real name?
  5. How many Academy Awards did the Itchy & Scratchy movie win?
  6. How many women have said No to Mr. Burns?
  7. Who created the theme song?
  8. "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses" premiered in 2000 as the eighteenth episode of season 11. This episode features one of the characters overcoming his alcohol addiction and exploring new ventures, like driving a helicopter. Which character is this?
  9. In the season five episode "Lady Bouvier's Lover", which movie is the closing sequence a parody of?
  10. In season's 14 fifteenth episode, "C.E. D'oh", Homer goes to a course about success, after Marge feels too tired to have sex with him on Valentine's Day. This leads to him becoming the owner of which Springfield place, previously managed by Mr. Burns?
  11. Who is Maggie's enemy?
  12. What musical instrument does Lisa Simpson usually play?

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