Simpsons trivia

This is a Quiz for the very big fans of the Simpsons It is a fair quiz. I would like to meet someone who got 100% It has answers that will stump you, and answers that will be a breeze to you.

Call yourself a Simpsons fan? Would you like to test how much you know about the simpsons? This is a pretty fair test. i could have gone harder, but I'm too lazy.

Created by: Tom

  1. Where do the Simpsons live?
  2. Who is marge Simpson's favorit singer?
  3. What is the name of Nelson Muntz's soap box derby car.
  4. how old is C.M. Burns?
  5. how much does maggie cost?
  6. which one of these did Lisa NOT have a crush on?
  7. What did Rev. Lovejoy call Bleeding Gums Murphy at his funeral.
  8. What magazine is marge reading in the opening titles?
  9. What is Bart's middle name?
  10. what is the name of the drink that Homer created?

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