which simpsons character are you?

I have always loved the Simpsons and the charcters. The simpson family have all different charcters and personalities. So I made this test. If you dont like the Simpsons you should try it anyway it isnt just about the Simpsons it is also about their personalities!

Which simpson character are YOU? are you the clever lisa, the kind marge, the quiet maggy, the naughty bart or the one that we all love homer? After the you have taken the quiz you will find out! Good luck in the quiz!

Created by: Helena Thompson

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you go to school?
  2. Are you clever?
  3. Do you have many friends?
  4. Which animal do you prefer?
  5. what do prefer to wear?
  6. what would be your ideal job?
  7. if you could have anything what would it be?
  8. which is most like your job?
  9. which simpsons character do you prefer?
  10. Which one are you most like?

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Quiz topic: Which simpsons character am I?