The Unforgiven and Unforgotten part 1

Hey guys and thanks for taking some time to check out my quiz! I was bored and decided to make this quiz, also I read a lot of other quizzes that inspired me to write this one

Which guy will you might fall in love with? Will it be Shane, Drake, Omar, or Aaron? Find out for yourself and see why you were dragged into this mess

Created by: Cometlight

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  1. You wake up to the sound of your alarm going off, you groan and slam your hand on the snooze to shut it up. You look at the time and it says 7:30. Your late! You get out of bed immediately and brush your teeth, comb your hair, etc. Once your done what do you wear?
  2. You run down the stairs but almost trip over your own feet but luckily you don't. You grab you bag and breakfast and race out the door, you lock the door so that your wolf hybrid White Fang doesn't get out (yes you have a wolf hybrid). You arrive at school and walk into your first period as soon as the bell rings, you walk over to your seat before your teacher Mr. Martinez notices that you were late. You sigh and blank out as soon as your teacher starts talking, you come back into reality as soon as the class grew louder then usual. You look over at the front and see a hot guy! He has dirty blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, he looks over to you and gives you a smile that made your heart skip a beat
  3. "Sorry I'm late, sir." he says with a hint of sarcasm. Your teacher sighs and shook his head "No matter since it's your first day, sit next to___________."
  4. Mr. Martinez cleared his throat as the blonde guy took a seat next to you "Alright class turn your textbook to page 337 and bring out your notebook to take notes." Announced your teacher as he turned around, you sighed quietly in frustration as you hated taking notes. After 10 minutes of class you couldn't stand it "Hi I'm _________." You say as you turned to him. "Shane." He smiles and winked one of his amazing green eyes
  5. "Absolutely no talking!Detention_______!" Mr. Martinez yells, you roll your eye and sighed. "Sorry, see you around_____." Shane said as the bell rang but before he left the class you could feel his gaze burn into you
  6. You decided to skip detention and walked home by yourself, as you walked you couldn't help but feel like you were being watched. You shook off the thought as you made it to your house. You unlocked the door but before you could get in a large hand was wrapped around your mouth and you could feel something cold and hard brush against your neck. "Make any sudden movements or scream and I will kill you." The voice sneered, you began to walk backwards when suddenly you heard growling and assumed it was White Fang.
  7. You felt the hand release you and you fell to the ground with a sickening thud, you cried out in pain and then felt something warm wrap around you. Thinking it was your attacker you kicked and screamed and knew you hit something or someone. You then felt something hit your head hard and blacked out
  8. As you blacked out you were able to see White Fang snarling and standing over you in a protective matter and you could hear a soothing voice say "Shh it's alright, your going to be okay."
  9. Cliffhanger!! I apologize I know we all hate these but they arrive sooner or later. Comer back for part 2!
  10. Please rate and comment and I promise to have part 2 out soon!

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