Confinement Part 7

Announcements: Happy late fourth of July to my fellow Americans! I hope you had a good one c: So this is Part 7 where you get to meet mystery boy ;) And I hope you like it!

So for Unforgotten Secrets, we're going to use my main character and since there were two endings for in Beautiful Endings we're just going to put her together with Alex in the story because the majority of people liked him. But fear not, he has a bunch of competition, like Jayden...and Christofer...and Omar...and Shane... :P

Created by: Dannica

  1. He knew I was watching him. I could tell from the way he smirked down at his drink or looked around the cafe for nothing. I had one more song to go, and it was almost four thirty. I was going to speak to him, and I was going to do whatever it took. The boy looked just about how he did each time I saw him, except he seemed to be getting more attractive the longer I looked at him. And for some strange reason, I knew he was there for a purpose. I had this weird pull inside me that was telling me he didn't just stumble into this cafe coincidentally. I had all these questions. And I think I've just figured out who to ask them to. I was almost done. One more verse and then a chorus and I was free. I even tried speeding it up a little bit, but I think Dots noticed when she motioned me to slow down. Then the worst case scenario happened. The boy was getting up. He was getting up and was walking towards the door and he was leaving.
  2. No, I panicked. No no no no, no! That's when I cut the song short from the last chorus. "Thank you," I mumbled out, leaving the spotlight before the crowd was done clapping, putting my guitar away. I jumped off the stage and dashed out the doors of the cafe, half-mindedly acknowledging the compliments I got. ~ I stopped right outside, looking left and right for the boy, lugging my guitar case with me. I hadn't been able to see what he was wearing since it was so dark, so I didn't see how finding him would be possible. I sighed heavily, dropping my guitar gently by my feet. "Hey." I froze. There was a small laugh and then footsteps heading my way. I turned around before they got too close and saw the boy. He was there, in front of me, and he said hi. He was waiting for me. He knew I was going to go out and look for him. I couldn't find the words to speak. I mean, I wanted to say something. I really, sincerely did, but my mouth just couldn't form the words. The boy smiled. "I kinda expected you to freak out, to be honest."
  3. His voice was deep, but not too deep; not like, bass deep, but deep chocolate. If that made sense. Okay it was deep and it was smooth and it was damn sexy (much like Flame's but I'd rather try not admitting that to myself just yet). It seemed to be minutes of just blanking out on him until Dots brought me out of it. She came running out the store, holding a wad of green paper bills on her hand. When she saw me just standing there outside the store she shoved me lightly on the arm and put the money in my hand. "The thing about a job," she said, an agitated but amused look on her face, "is that you get paid for it afterwards. At least for this one. And next time, don't go storming out like that. I thought you were about to pee your pants or something." When the mysterious boy chuckled Dots looked at him as if just being aware of his presence and grinned, taking turns looking from him to me. "Oh," she uttered out. "I would be running off that stage too if it were to meet with this boy, whew!" She nudged me on the shoulder and mumbled into my ear. "Bring him over any time you like."
  4. I was mortified. I looked down at the ground and scratched my head as Dots left us alone. The boy was just laughing. I almost laughed, too. Until I remembered who he was. I grabbed my guitar handle and stepped back. "Who are you?" He watched an old couple sitting on a bench sharing a pretzel for a while before turning back to me. "My name's Rave." My hands cringed, and I wished that I brought my bag. Or my couch. "Care to elaborate, Rave?" He stepped forward, but I stepped back. "I'm not going to hurt you," he said cautiously. I gulped. "Let's talk somewhere." I switched my guitar over to my left hand since my right was getting damp from gripping the handle too hard. "Why can't we talk here?" Rave rubbed his neck with one hand. "Well, I was going to take you to that chocolate place and reward you with a caramel apple for that nice performance a while back, and it was supposed to be an act of kindness, but you kinda ruined the surprise." I must have looked confused because he grinned and said, "Or we could just talk in the cafe. Yeah?"
  5. I found my legs following him back inside. I put my guitar behind the register under surveillance of Dots and took a seat across from Rave at a table in the far corner of the room. "Do you want anything?" he asked me, looking over the menu like this wasn't abnormal at all. For Christ's sake he was just SITTING there, like I never saw him in any other place. "Are you okay?" I snapped out of it and dug my nails into my palm. "Are you seriously asking me that question?" Rave put the menu down. "Look, I know that this is probably really weird for you, but I also know that you want to talk to me as much as I want to talk to you." I bit my lip. "Hot Chocolate." Rave gave me a small smile, showcasing a pair of dimples. He called the waiter over, which so happened to be Dots, and ordered my drink. "That would be four dollars," she said, trying to stop from giggling. Rave took out a crisp five dollar bill and gave it to Dots. She put it in her apron pocket and left, giving me a wink. "I could have payed for myself," I said quietly. Rave scoot his chair in more. "You could have, but that wouldn't be so gentleman-like of me, now would it?" I couldn't look him in the eye. "What do you want from me?" He continued tapping the table with his finger. I looked carefully at his ring and saw weird patterns and shapes on it, inscribed very tiny. "I don't want anything from you. I just want to help." I narrowed my eyes. "Help me with what?" He leaned back on his chair. "I don't know, you tell me." He put his arms out as if wanting a hug. "Ask me anything. I'm all yours."
  6. Dots came back with my Hot Chocolate. I gave her her tip and then blew off the steam coming off from the cup. "What's your name again?" "Rave." "Odd name." "I come from an odd family." He watched me steadily with his eyes as I took a small sip. I think he noticed my hand shaking. "How did you disappear like that? When I saw you in the Lobby?" Rave chuckled, like it was an insider with himself. "It comes with the title." I started scratching at my jeans, hoping he wouldn't inquire what I was doing. "What do you mean?" He pondered for a moment, as if looking for the right words to say. "Do you believe that everybody has a certain purpose in his world?" I thought about it. "I guess." He continued on. "Good, because it's true. And I'm not trying to overwhelm you or anything like that, but just listen: Everybody has a purpose. Some are less important that others, be it adopting a homeless dog or helping an elder across the street. Those are the common ones. But then there are others, where it's more special, like becoming a doctor and saving people's lives or a teacher and educating students who never thought had a chance to be educated. And then there are the very, very rare ones, that most people don't think exist." I took a huge chug of my drink, burning my tongue in the process. "I don't see how that's relevant to my question." A faint smile touched his face. "I'm one of those very rare people." I knit my eyebrows together. "So what's your purpose?" Rave bit the inside of his cheek. "To protect you."
  7. Was I being Punk'd. I think I laughed, but my head was starting to feel dizzy and my mouth felt all dry. "To protect me? Is this a joke? You don't even know me." He sighed. "We're called Saviors. We're each bound to a certain person once they come of age, when their...powers set in." I think I laughed some more. I was really hitting the home run here. "Powers? We? There are more of you? Listen, Rave, to be honest with you, I was kind of expecting this. But now that I'm actually hearing it, I don't really know if I'm ready to believe it. So thanks, but no thanks." I got up, leaving my Coco behind and grabbing my guitar from behind the register. I heard him calling my name, which made me walk even faster because I'm pretty sure I never introduced myself to him, and found myself outside the cafe. I tried getting the oxygen back into my lungs, but I felt this queasy feeling boiling up in me and I felt like I was going to be sick. I closed my eyes and took slow, calm breaths. I am a monk, I told myself. I am meditating, and I'm finding inner piece and tranquility and enlightenment whilst riding a narwhal in the Bahamas. "Wait!" I'm about to swing at this kid with my guitar I swear on the love of pizza. I started walking again, really not giving a damn how cute he was, I was not going to get into this type of bulls*it. "I know what you see."
  8. I stopped mid-step. "You see these faces. You see these random people and you wonder why they're there and you know that you're not crazy, and you ask yourself all these questions and now I'm here willing to answer them, and you're choosing not to listen." I spun around sharply. "How do you know what I see?" Rave's jaw flexed. "Because I see them too." My brain was seriously on overload. "What do you mean you see them too?" He looked back at the suspicious glances people were shooting at us. "Can we not talk about this in public?" "Well where do you want to talk about it, in my dorm?" I asked sarcastically. He grinned. "That's perfect. I'll meet you there." And then he disappeared again. Evaporated into the air like he was never there.
  9. When I took my seat on the bus I wanted to cry. Gus asked me about my performance and I told him that it did pretty well. And it was, until Rave showed up and decided to spill all of this on me. Something about saviors and purposes and him seeing what I'm seeing. I winced and wanted to punch myself in the face again. But he was right. I wanted to know all these things and then when the truth came out I decided to act like a baby about it. There was always the matter of whether he was trustworthy or not, but, I don't know, by just looking at him I could tell he had this certain goodness about him. Like, you know how when you look at Taylor Swift and you think she's the most innocent girl in the world? That's kind of how it was with Rave. And so in the bus I didn't cry. I did, however, make a silent oath to myself that I would give him a chance and I would hear him out because it only seemed fair. And even though my stomach was in knots and my head was foggy and I felt like I was going to go into cardiac arrest any moment, I walked into school as if nothing had ever happened.
  10. And that was the end of Part 7! lol I came up a question short, as you can see, so just comment on what you think because i love reading them c:

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