Which will fall for you part 13 (really)

Hey everyone! This is part 13 of my quiz series- the real quiz this time. In response to your comments: I do not know who made that, or why, but it was stupid so let's just forget about it.

So in this part, you will meet a new charcter. Love her or hate her, its your choice. :) So I hope you enjoy this quiz and please comment and come back for part 14, coming soon!! Sorry I take so long but I want them to be good. :)

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You wake up in your tent feeling a lot more rested than usual lately. You hurry outside to find the rain has long passed and the sun is shining brightly.
  2. "___!" Tanner yells as he grabs you around the waist from behind and hugs you. "Gah..." You choke. He let's you go and you slide to the ground panting. You glare at him as he laughs loudly. You feel someone pulling you to your feet and turn around to see Carter. Behing his is Miku.
  3. Miku reads your face and says, "Anthony is inside working on your weapon. It should be ready soon. He's been working nonstop all night."
  4. As if on cue, Anthony comes running out of his tent. "It's ready!" He calls excitedly before disappearing back into the tent. You and the other guys follow. You enter the tent and see a long, thin sword lying gently on the table. Its blade is almost black, and it looks thin and extremely sharp.
  5. Anthony seems really excited. "Yes, I just finished it, just for you!" You stare in awe as you run your finger over the flat edge of the blue black blade. You feel for some reason drawn to this sword. When you pick it up, its like an extension of your arm. You manuver it effortlessly and masterfully. The guys watch you. "She's amazing," Miku breathes.
  6. Anthony hands you a black scabbard and you sheath your sword, carrying the surprisingly light load comfortably slung over your shoulder and across your back. None of the guys are saying anything. You catch a glimpse of yourself in a shard of glass laying on the table. You seem taller, more poised, radiant. When you move into shadow, a very faint silvery aura appears. Tanner breaks into his huge grin. "Congrats," he says. "You are officially one of us now."
  7. You walk out of the tent and into the bright sunshine, the sword still on your back. To your surprise, all the tents except the one you came out of are gone, packed up. Carter is near tying up sleeping bags.
  8. (Assuming you answered 2nd one) Carter smiles sweetly. "We're going back to the mansion. We've been here long enough to evade the demons mostly - we need to see what's happened there. Plus, now that you are in training and have your sword, its easier to travel with you without constantly worrying about protecting you." You blush.
  9. Suddenly you hear a noise coming from the trees. You spin around to see a girl step into the clearing. She's wearing knee high boots and a short skirt and a hoodie, all in black and dark purple. She has long black hair and is twirling a sharp steel fan in her right hand. She's beautiful, but the thing that strikes you most is her dark, shining purple eyes.
  10. Carter, strangely, does not seem surprised. He nods cooly to the girl. "Violet," he agknowledges her casually. She has an expression of distaste that only makes her appear prettier. "At your service," she shoots back sarcastically. Her voice is smooth and musical, but its in a tone so cold that you tense up just from hearing it.
  11. "Violet!" You hear Miku's voice as he comes running up, Tanner and Anthony close behind. She gives them a look of pure distaste; its really obvious she would rather be anywhere but here. You feel slightly uncomfortable because she hasn't agknowledged you yet. Anthony smiles politely at her. "We appreciate you coming. Thanks." She glares at him coldly. "Whatever. The board made me come here. Not my choice."
  12. Miku clears his throat. "Violet, have you met _____?" Violet looks at you for the first time, and your breath shortens as her purple eyes, so familar, search you. She finally gives you a quick nod. "I'm Violet. I possess music; these are my weapons," she says, pointing to her fans. "Don't mess with me. My heart hardened to strangers long ago." She turns her icy glare on Tanner, Carter, Miku, and Anthony. "You guys need to stop picking up trash." She flips her hair and starts to stalk off. "What value is she to us? We don't need her. We're doing fine," she calls over her shoulder.
  13. Before you know it, Tanner grabs her arm roughly and spins her around to face him. Through clenched teeth, he says, "Don't. You. DARE. Insult her again. Ever. Am I clear?" Her pale arms turn even paler under Tanner's death grip. Calmly, violet twists her arm out of his grasp and spits at his feet. Then she turns on her heel and storms away towards the tent. The guys are standing perfectly still, with teeth and fists tightly clenched. Tanner is trembling with rage. Right before she enters the tent Violet calls out, "Oh, and Carter- I can see why you like her." She turns around and smiles a beautiful bitter smile. "She looks just like her." Then she disappears into the tent.
  14. Carter and Anthony each grab one of your hands. "Let's leave now," Carter whispers. Anthony nods and lets go of your hand. "You two travel east. We'll catch up to you by tonight." Carter nods and motions for Miku to follow him as he grabs your hand and begins to run. You feel the wind whipping your hair around your face as the trees become a blur.
  15. That's all for this part! I hope you enjoyed it. I had fun coming up with the character of violet and I plan on creating more characters in the future. Look for charcter profiles coming soon on my website! Thanks, and remember to comment!

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