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  • Coercion Part 5
    [published: Sep 23, 2013, 8 comments]

    Announcements: thank you for all your concerns about me discontinuing this series! I WILL be finishing it; it is…

  • Coercion Part 4
    [published: Sep 1, 2013, 6 comments]

    Announcements: If I've promised to write you in the story as a character, then expect that very soon! Also, some…

  • Coercion Part 3
    [published: Aug 18, 2013, 10 comments]

    WARNING! THERE ARE MANY RAVE FEELS IN HERE! Okay, maybe not as much as you'll be getting further on, but it made…

  • Coercion Part 2
    [published: Aug 8, 2013, 9 comments]

    Announcements: School is rapidly approaching and this means that parts of the story will unfortunately be coming…

  • Coercion Part 1: It's out!
    [published: Jul 23, 2013]

    Sigh GTQ has earned my disapproval once more as it hasn't shown Coercion Part 1. But that's alright I…

  • Coercion Part 1
    [published: Jul 23, 2013, 9 comments]

    Coercion: the act of compelling by force or authority. - Welcome to the sequel of Confinement, Coercion! If you…

  • Confinement Part 40
    [published: Jul 17, 2013, 17 comments]

    Announcements: WOW! Fair warning, this part is really, REALLY long. Like, really. This is not an…

  • Confinement Part 39: It's Out!
    [published: Jun 24, 2013, 1 comment]

    Thank you for taking this I suppose, but go on ahead and take Confinement Part 39! Read the…

  • Confinement Part 39
    [published: Jun 24, 2013, 14 comments]

    Announcements: Hello! As usual, thank you all for waiting for my lazy (and busy) butt to conclude this part.…

  • Confinement Part 38
    [published: May 18, 2013, 10 comments]

    Announcements: Hello! I'm planning on ending Confinement on Part 40, so keep that in mind. I hope you all…

  • Confinement Part 37
    [published: Apr 30, 2013, 8 comments]

    Announcements: Hm, so I've been spending much time writing scenes with Rave (which I'm sure most of you are…

  • Confinement Part 36
    [published: Apr 11, 2013, 8 comments]

    Announcements: I made a Wattpad! I wont be migrating there anytime soon, but I decided to use it for status…

  • Confinement Part 35
    [published: Apr 4, 2013, 16 comments]

    Announcements: Yay, Part 36! Okay, well, I'm going to be calling this the turning point of the story. It's…

  • Confinement Part 34
    [published: Mar 30, 2013, 8 comments]

    Announcements: Hmph. 3 parts in such a short amount of time? I think yes! So thank you reading this, I hope…

  • Confinement Part 33
    [published: Mar 27, 2013, 9 comments]

    Announcements: Welcome to Part 33 of Confinement! I kind of feel like I'm dragging things out, to be honest,…

  • Confinement Part 32
    [published: Mar 25, 2013, 9 comments]

    Announcements: *Please read results* Hello! Thank you for waiting all of you, sometimes I forget that I even…

  • Confinement Part 31
    [published: Mar 9, 2013, 9 comments]

    Announcements: Alright, well guys, here is your moment with Rave like I promised. As you can see I got this…

  • Confinement Part 30
    [published: Mar 4, 2013, 10 comments]

    Announcements: *insert usual excuse for late part here* Sorry, guys :-( Well, thank you for keeping up with…

  • Confinement Part 29
    [published: Feb 15, 2013, 31 comments]

    Announcements: Guys, whenever I go on this site I get very sad because it's not like it used to be, I don't…

  • Confinement Part 28
    [published: Feb 1, 2013, 10 comments]

    Announcements: Alright, welcome to Part 28 of my newest series Confinement! Thank you for waiting patiently…

  • Confinement Part 27
    [published: Jan 22, 2013, 10 comments]

    Announcements: @xxblutixx I am almost done with Confinement, so once I start up with the next installment of…

  • Confinement Part 26
    [published: Jan 11, 2013, 11 comments]

    Announcements: Yay I'm back in the states! Here is your Part 26 as promised as soon as I came back. I hope…

  • Confinement Part 25
    [published: Dec 16, 2012, 14 comments]

    Announcements: Merry Early Christmas! Alright, so this is going to be the last part in a long time because…

  • Confinement Part 24
    [published: Dec 7, 2012, 21 comments]

    Announcements: This part is uber long! Question of the Day is in the results, and since xxblutixx won, she…

  • Confinement Part 23
    [published: Nov 26, 2012, 15 comments]

    Announcements: Winner of my contest is in the results! The club that won will be featured on Part 24 of…

  • Confinement Part 22
    [published: Nov 20, 2012, 14 comments]

    PLEASE READ: Deadlines for the contest is today! Okay well not today, but for this part since I'm planning on…

  • Confinement Part 21
    [published: Nov 12, 2012, 19 comments]

    @singin1234 I'm so sorry for not getting to your question! It's all out of laziness and, well, forgetting…

  • Confinement Part 20: It's Out!
    [published: Nov 6, 2012]

    ermagherd this is the second time filling this in a day and really it's so much time that is…

  • Confinement Part 20
    [published: Nov 6, 2012, 11 comments]

    Happy Election Day! Implying that we all are in fact underage to vote, I just hope that Obama wins! I also…

  • Confinement Part 19
    [published: Nov 1, 2012, 15 comments]

    Hola! Thank you for keeping up and taking the time to read Part 19 of Confinement! I am so psyched to be on…

  • Confinement Part 18: It's Out!
    [published: Oct 26, 2012, 2 comments]

    Hola! Hm, I don't know what to write here. But yes! Part 18 is out (and has been out for a few…

  • Confinement Part 18
    [published: Oct 23, 2012, 15 comments]

    Guys, I've missed writing so much. :'( I've missed you guys so much, and I've missed this so much, and…

  • Confinement Part 17
    [published: Sep 8, 2012, 21 comments]

    Announcements: Thank you for waiting so long! It's been such a long month, oh my goodness. Thank you for all…

  • Confinement: Announcement
    [published: Aug 26, 2012, 21 comments]

    Hi it's Dannica :) I'm sorry I've been AWOL status all month, but hopefully my little explanation after…

  • Confinement Part 16
    [published: Aug 13, 2012, 18 comments]

    Announcements: Yay for Part 16 :') I'm really busy this week, honestly, but I got it done, right? So I hope…

  • Confinement Part 15
    [published: Aug 8, 2012, 13 comments]

    Announcements: Thanks for waiting, ya'll! But rest assure, I have a bunch of more parts at the ready to be…

  • Confinement Part 14
    [published: Jul 30, 2012, 16 comments]

    Announcements: Yay! I hate to inform you guys however, that my phone is still broken. The track ball is still…

  • Dannica's Announcement
    [published: Jul 27, 2012, 6 comments]

    Thank you for taking this! Um, so yeah just email me if you have any concerns or comments or you can just…

  • Confinement Part 13
    [published: Jul 23, 2012, 23 comments]

    Announcements: So! I would like to warn you that this part would maybe be rated PG-13 for grossness, lol. QOD…

  • Confinement Part 12
    [published: Jul 19, 2012, 19 comments]

    Announcements: I got this out quick, huh? Praise me, my fellow seaponies. lolol jk. Well Question of the Day…

  • Confinement Part 11
    [published: Jul 18, 2012, 12 comments]

    Announcements: Guise! Unforgotten Secrets Part 1 is coming out today at 3:30-ish West side of the US lol idk…

  • Confinement Part 10
    [published: Jul 15, 2012, 20 comments]

    Announcements: Fiery and Teresa! Where have you lovelies been lately? I'm missing your comments :'( ~ QOD is…

  • Confinement Part 9
    [published: Jul 12, 2012, 24 comments]

    Announcements: Guys you know how when I promised to make those of you that wanted to be a character in one of…

  • Confinement Part 8
    [published: Jul 10, 2012, 16 comments]

    Announcements: So this part is just really introducing your ability and then there are some hints there with…

  • Confinement Part 7
    [published: Jul 5, 2012, 21 comments]

    Announcements: Happy late fourth of July to my fellow Americans! I hope you had a good one c: So this is Part…

  • Confinement Part 6
    [published: Jul 2, 2012, 15 comments]

    Announcements: This part is longer than my others, and there's not much of the guys, but it's really…

  • Confinement Part 5
    [published: Jun 27, 2012, 22 comments]

    Announcements: Guys, I'm really on the edge about this series :/ I mean, I like it and stuff but I'm not sure…

  • Confinement Part 4
    [published: Jun 26, 2012, 14 comments]

    Announcements: If you're missing a part to read, just click my name in the blue and it will direct you to all…

  • Confinement Part 3
    [published: Jun 25, 2012, 13 comments]

    Announcements: If you haven't taken the prologue, please do! Okay, another guy is introduced here, but I'm not…

  • Confinement Part 2
    [published: Jun 23, 2012, 18 comments]

    Confinement: To be confined; limited or restricted. ~ Sorry it took a while to get this one out! And I hope…

  • Confinement Part 1
    [published: Jun 18, 2012, 14 comments]

    Confinement: A state of being confined; limited or restricted. ~ This part is more of the introductory, and it…

  • Confinement: Prologue
    [published: Jun 14, 2012, 16 comments]

    Confinement: a state of being confined; limited or restricted. ~ I'm back! So it's only a prologue, and I'm…

  • Dannica's Acknowledgements
    [published: Jun 11, 2012, 15 comments]

    Announcements: If you're happy, but your sad clap your hands! *clap clap* So this is just a little…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 28
    [published: Jun 11, 2012, 22 comments]

    Announcements: As most of you should know, this is the last part of Beautiful Endings. The last part of…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 27
    [published: Jun 8, 2012, 15 comments]

    Announcements: Guys, we're pretty much done here. All I have to do is finish Alex's ending, and we're…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 26
    [published: Jun 7, 2012, 9 comments]

    Announcements: Alright guys, this part mainly focused on Bella and Ash, and Sarah and Cole. c: The next…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 25
    [published: Jun 5, 2012, 13 comments]

    First off, I'm not too happy about this part. Secondly, I got some comments on the last one saying that…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 24
    [published: May 30, 2012, 11 comments]

    Announcements: Okay, because of all your requests, I will NOT be relocating to tumblr. c: Thank you for…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 23
    [published: May 28, 2012, 9 comments]

    Announcements: So on Part 21, I think, there was a comment questioning why I make a bunch of stories on…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 22
    [published: May 24, 2012, 12 comments]

    Announcements: Sorry this part is kind of short. I know this is out sort of late and I would have…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 21
    [published: May 19, 2012, 15 comments]

    Announcements: I have major surprised planned for you guys in this part! And I hope you guys forgive me…

  • Beautiful Endings 20: It's out!
    [published: May 18, 2012, 3 comments]

    alright beautiful endings part 20 is out you may now ignore the rest of the quiz because it's…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 20
    [published: May 17, 2012, 10 comments]

    Announcements: So I'm pretty much done with this trilogy. Pre-writing it, anyways. I'm still deciding…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 19
    [published: May 14, 2012, 13 comments]

    Announcements: Guys! I'm close to pre-writing the Spring Ball! That means it's almost over :c And I'm…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 18
    [published: May 10, 2012, 10 comments]

    Announcements: I hope you like this part! omfg I had such a good time writing this because I thought it…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 17
    [published: May 7, 2012, 16 comments]

    Announcements: Thanks for being so patient! Oh, and to clear things up, I do take other quizzes, I just…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 16
    [published: May 1, 2012, 13 comments]

    @Teresa22: Nope, I live in California c: ~ Question of the Day is in the results, and I don't know what…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 15: It's Out!
    [published: Apr 25, 2012]

    Announcements: Part 15 is out so you don't have to take the rest of this because it's…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 15
    [published: Apr 25, 2012, 12 comments]

    Announcements: I know some of you want to her from Sarah, Sadie, and Bella, and don't worry because I…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 14
    [published: Apr 22, 2012, 18 comments]

    Announcements: I wasn't necessarily happy with my writing in this one. I will admit it's not the best,…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 13
    [published: Apr 20, 2012, 9 comments]

    Announcements: Question of the Day is in the results! I don't really have anything to say...so just…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 12
    [published: Apr 19, 2012, 9 comments]

    Announcements: Hey! So Question of the Day is in the results as usual, and you're in for some somber…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 11
    [published: Apr 17, 2012, 14 comments]

    Announcements: I will not be adding anymore characters to this series because if I do then you guys…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 10
    [published: Apr 13, 2012, 11 comments]

    Announcements: So I'm trying to get 1D tickets, as you all know I love them so, and it's not working…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 9
    [published: Apr 9, 2012, 11 comments]

    Announcements: Sorry it's been a few days! Happy late Easter c: So I'm almost done with pre-writing the…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 8
    [published: Apr 5, 2012, 10 comments]

    @singin234 is announced in this part! I might be able to add another person while we're still set in the…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 7
    [published: Apr 4, 2012, 13 comments]

    @KittyMeow: Excuse me, but I couldn't really see your comment over all the other ones saying that you…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 6
    [published: Apr 3, 2012, 23 comments]

    Announcements: Thanks for the support on the last quiz thing in the comments. I didn't want to reply…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 5
    [published: Apr 2, 2012, 15 comments]

    Announcements: Next part is going to be full of romance, I promise! I love reading your comments, and if…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 4
    [published: Apr 1, 2012, 14 comments]

    Announcements: Okay, so the romance will kick in maybe during Part 5 and so on. Also, I'm on Spring…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 3
    [published: Mar 31, 2012, 11 comments]

    Announcements: @BlueMoon23 is introduced in this part, yay! So most of you think something is wrong with…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 2
    [published: Mar 30, 2012, 7 comments]

    Announcements: Sorry that his part is kind of short. It was supposed to end on question 7 or something…

  • Beautiful Endings Part 1
    [published: Mar 28, 2012, 19 comments]

    Announcements: Sorry it took so long. You know, homework. -__- So I hope you like this part. Question…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 15
    [published: Mar 19, 2012, 19 comments]

    Announcements: Welcome to the last part of Beautiful Lies! After this, I'll be starting the final part of…

  • Beautiful Lies: Part 14 is out!
    [published: Mar 17, 2012, 2 comments]

    So Part 14 is out and you should really take it and you don't have to comment unless...read the…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 14
    [published: Mar 17, 2012, 14 comments]

    Announcements: @BlueMoon23 and everybody else, if you want to be in the story or any of my stories, then…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 13
    [published: Mar 16, 2012, 10 comments]

    Announcements: 2 parts in one day in account for making Part 12 kind of really short. And um, Beautiful…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 12
    [published: Mar 16, 2012, 9 comments]

    Announcements: So sorry this part took a little longer to make. I was thinking about the scene with Sarah…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 11
    [published: Mar 12, 2012, 15 comments]

    Announcements: Part 12 is going to probably make you guys cause a riot and you guys are probably going to…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 10
    [published: Mar 11, 2012, 21 comments]

    Announcements: So some of you have been wondering why I made the 3-5 games in the first place. Well, I'm…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 9
    [published: Mar 10, 2012, 9 comments]

    Announcements: Please go to Part 8 if you haven't done so already since this site refused to put show it on…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 8
    [published: Mar 10, 2012, 10 comments]

    WINNERS FROM GAME FOUR: Faith. lol, guys you're killing me. It was Snickers! I mean, Kit Kat and Twix is…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 7
    [published: Mar 6, 2012, 21 comments]

    WINNERS FROM THIRD GAME: no one, lol. Another chance is in the results with a much easier question,…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 6
    [published: Mar 4, 2012, 19 comments]

    WINNERS FROM SECOND GAME: Jayla, Fairygal,and xxblutixx. The answer was I Will Follow You Into the Dark by…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 5
    [published: Mar 1, 2012, 23 comments]

    WINNERS FROM FIRST GAME: Hungergamesluver, Bluemoon23, rosekat, angelic4, and x_rosebud_x. The answer was…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 4
    [published: Feb 29, 2012, 22 comments]

    PLEASE READ: Rules for the game is in Question 10! The actual question for the game is in the results, and…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 3
    [published: Feb 27, 2012, 20 comments]

    PLEASE READ: A game will be in the next part! This game is probably one of the most important games in the…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 2
    [published: Feb 24, 2012, 15 comments]

    Announcements: In this part, we hit a bump in the road in terms of a relationship with someone that most of…

  • Beautiful Lies Part 1
    [published: Feb 24, 2012, 12 comments]

    Announcements: WELCOME! Thanks for checking out the sequel to Beautiful Secrets! For a good description of…

  • Beautiful Secrets Part 30
    [published: Feb 22, 2012, 19 comments]

    Announcements: This will be the last part for Beautiful Secrets, but there will be a sequel called…

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