Beautiful Secrets Part 14

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Alex Hart has jet black hair, icy blue eyes, a sexy collar bone, and lean muscles. Nick Martinez is more of the athletic type with his nice tan, brown hair like Zac Efron's, gray eyes like a light rainfall, pearly white teeth, and a pretty amazing body. Sam Mitchell is the adorable, quirky, shy one of the bunch with his strawberry blonde hair, green eyes like a freshly mowed lawn, and that one dimple that always gets to you. Zac Anderson is Mr. Seductive. He has dark brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice lean body, and smile that makes your legs go wobbly. Christofer Henderson and his mysterious ways eggs you on to learn more about him with his coal black hair, strange hazel eyes, distinct jaw line, and fit body.

Created by: Dannica
  1. He walked away while Michael and James disappeared in thin air. I sat there in the dirt among the bushes. Wrapped around his finger? Is that how he saw me? Was he even talking about me in the first place? Well who else would there be to talk about, really. Not to be ignorant, but there's not much girls that qualify for that conversation. I forced myself to believe that it wasn't me. I made myself believe that I wasn't any part of this; that it didn't have any connection with me whatsoever. I felt tears dwell in my eyes, but they didn't fall. I wasn't going to be that girl sitting in a bush crying over something I wasn't even sure was authentic. Then I heard a twig snap behind me.
  2. I turned around quickly and saw Nick there with an amused smile on his face. "Um...why are you in the bushes?" He asked me, offering his hand to help me up. I took it and wiped the dirt away from my bottom. "Uh, I was just...peeing." Oh my gosh. Did that just come out of my mouth. Nick started laughing and replied, "Really? I hope you washed that hand that I just touched then." I grinned and said, "No I actually wasn't peeing. I was just sneaking up on a squirrel. Since I've never seen a squirrel up close before. Because they're very aware of their surroundings. It ran away though." That sounds so much better than peeing in a bush. "Oh, I see. I saw Alex looking for you. Well, he bought ice cream and he was sitting on the side walk eating it waiting for you but I decided to come looking," Nick said with a trace of a smile. "I brought your Strawberry Shortcake. Two actually, one more you, one more me." I took one and thanked him as we sat on the curb eating the frozen treat.
  3. "So are you going to the party?" he asked with a smile. I smiled in return and nodded. "Of course. I wouldn't want to miss your birthday." Nick took a bite out of his Strawberry Shortcake and I couldn't help but notice the nice heart shape of his lips. I wanted to kiss them. They looked so soft and moist and scrumptious looking. "Do guys rate girls?" I asked him just out of curiosity. Nick licked his lip and said, "Some of them do. I think every guy at one point has in their lives. I mean, I have." Not surprising. "Really? I hear guys are really shallow about their ratings. One time this guy rated me a 3." Yeah, that's a true story. In Arizona this dumb turd just flat out said it and rated a bunch of other girls 3's who deserved a better number. I have to admit, it lowers self esteem efficiently and and effectively. "You, a 3? No," Nick said with a grin. "I rate on personality more than looks though. I guess I'm not that type of guy to judge girls on looks like that. Tara is an example." I laughed a little because I remembered when Tara kept going to the bathroom because of that chocolate Nick gave her. Nick Martinez. I never thought he'd do something like that in my life. "So what would you rate me, personality wise?" I asked him. Nick examined me playfully and said, "From what I've seen so far, an 8. But we haven't really gotten to know each other, so I think we should definitely hang out more if you want me to assess you accurately." "Yes, of course," I replied with a nudge to his shoulder.
  4. We finished our ice creams and Nick went to throw the wrappers away in the trash cans. "Where have you been?" Alex asked from afar as he started walking towards Nick and me. I got up next to Nick and made a face at Alex. "What are you talking about? Where have YOU been? You chose to eat ice cream on the side walk rather than look for me." A trace of a smile was on Alex's face as he said, "I got you a Strawberry Shortcake, didn't I? Anyways, we have to go home because Auntie Lisa texted me and she brought McDonald's." He turned to Nick and smirked. "She's a handful isn't she? I recall one time she tried to bite me. We had to put a muzzle over her mouth." I rolled my eyes, hugged Nick, and then said bye to him. "I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked with a smile. "Definitely," I replied. Alex sighed loudly behind me, impatient, and tapped his wrist as if he had a watch. The things I put up with this boy.
  5. Alex and I started walking back on track to home and our hands accidentally touched since we were both dangling them from both sides. I started blushing and then quickly pulled away. "So, where were you?" Alex asked me. Stay calm. "With Nick." Alex made a face and said, "Yeah, I realize that. But why were you by the park when it's not on the way back home?" "Maybe I wanted to go to the park." "Maybe you were following a particular somebody." I stopped and narrowed my eyes. "What are you talking about?" Alex had a smile on his face when he said, "I saw Christofer mysteriously lurking by the park. It didn't seem all that suspicious to me so I didn't bother. As for you...I saw your head sticking out of the bushes. You're not very good at hiding yourself." Crap. "What was he doing?" Should I tell him the truth or lie? "He was just taking to some jocks or something. Nothing serious." I feel so bad about lying to Alex again. I feel like everything I tell him is a lie. But I guess you could say it's better for everyone. When my mind clears out, I'll tell him the truth. There.
  6. "Oh, okay. Whatever you say." Suddenly I felt a tingly sensation in my head. "Get out of my mind," I told Alex. He opened the front door as we came to the house and said, "I wasn't trying to get in." Then I heard a twig snap. I turned around sharply, but saw nothing but a car pass by. Surely the car hadn't made that twig break. "Can you tell if someone is reading your mind?" I asked Alex, closing the front door behind me and smelling the aroma of McDonald's filling my nostrils. "Not at first. But when someone's in your head for too long then yeah, some people with keen instincts can. Why?" I shrugged it off and just replied with a plain old nothing. I walked into the kitchen to find Auntie Lisa stuffing her face in a Big Mac. "Hey guys," she said with a mouthful of fries. What a lovely and elegant woman she is. I sat down and grabbed a McChicken Sandwich myself, fries, and a coke. I seriously don't care what anybody says, McDonald's is amazing. Alex joined us as he changed his clothes and I kind of wondered why. I noticed he looked tired and worn out. I assumed it was from all of that Olympic running he did chasing down the ice cream man like the man was on America's Most Wanted. But he really did look weary. He took a place across from me and I looked at his defined collar bone and saw his neck was kind of bluish-purple.
  7. "Is that a hickey?!" I blurted out. Alex kept his face monotoned. "Where?" "On your neck!" Then I noticed more faint purple by his cheek bone. "Um, never mind, sorry. I was hallucinating," I said, realizing that hey were really bruises and not wanting to alarm Auntie Lisa. "Alex, you naught boy," she said with a small laugh to herself. I gave her a look and she scoffed. "Don't hate me 'cause I'm funnier than you." She finished her food and then went upstairs, leaving Alex and me alone. "Why do you have all of those bruises?" I asked. "When I was running for the ice cream man I tripped on the road and fell," he explained with a small flinch in his jaw. "Well that must have hurt. And look, your arm is bleeding," I pointed out. He flicked his eyes to his arm where a small amount of blood was drizzling down like rain on a window. I got up, wet a paper towel and cleaned it for him. "Do you want me to put alcohol?" I asked him. "No, just a band aid would be good, thanks." I went upstairs and went into the medicine cabinet for a band aid. The dangers of the ice cream man. Jesus. I went back downstairs and stamped the band aid on Alex's cut so that it stayed put.
  8. "Thanks," Alex told me with a hint of a smile. "No worries," I replied, throwing the excess paper away in the trash. "So um...are you and Christofer like, going out now?" Alex asked flatly. "To be honest I don't know. I think he asked me to go on a date with him tomorrow after we worked on our project though," I replied. "You guys are project partners?" "Yeah, for French class. He's coming over after school to work on it with me. Is that all right?" I know this might sound bad, but half of me wanted Christofer to come over just so he could make Alex jealous. Well, if Alex was bothered by it in the first place. "Yeah, it's fine. My opinion doesn't matter anyways. You know, unless you want it to." "Why would I want it to?" "I don't know, you tell me." I decided to change the subject. "I was thinking about your date and I kind of already have it planned out. Do you wanna hear it?" Alex laughed a little and nodded his head.
  9. "Okay, well it should start at the park by the lake and then you guys should watch a Disney movie, and there should be kettle corn, chocolate covered pretzels, and mini sandwiches. And then you guys should lay there on the blanket and watch the stars and they slow dance to Turning Page by Sleeping At Last to end the night and then you should kiss her by the lake." Alex's eyes lit up when I was explaining it. "That sounds perfect. I'll do everything you said. But you need to come with me to help set everything up, okay? I really like her and I want everything to go according to plan." My heart plummeted to the ground when he said that. It's like he just stepped on it multiple times until it stuck to the bottom of his shoe. "Yeah, I'll come, don't worry," I said, faking a smile. Alex finished his McDonald's and threw the wrapper away. "I'm going to do my homework, bye," I said. I was about to head upstairs when Alex called my name. I turned around as he said, "Speaking of movies, which one do you want to watch tonight? Harry Potter or Nightmare Before Christmas?" "Um, maybe the Nightmare Before Christmas," I replied. Alex smiled. "Great. Come down at 7 and I'll make hot chocolate and popcorn."
  10. I nodded and then went upstairs. I closed my bedroom door and lay down on my bed. I had so much on my mind, my head started to hurt. Was Christofer talking about me? That's the question that kept coming back to me whenever I tried forcing it out of my mind. And then I have to see him tomorrow. He's coming here, to my house. I'll just wake up super early in the morning and do it then. I'm seriously the best procrastinator in the whole entire universe I should get an award for it. I decided to pass time by listening to my iPod and to catch up on sleep because I really, really needed it. I set my alarm clock for 7 so I don't miss the movie and snoozed off immediately.
  11. Another dream with Christofer. This time, we were together, hand in hand. We seemed to be running from something. We were both breathing heavily, running through a dark alley and occasionally ducking behind trash cans. The question was: what were we running from? We stopped running and Christofer said to me, "Go without me or they'll catch you. I can hold them off for a while." I started crying and then I shook my head no. He heled me in his arms and kissed me. "If I survive, I'll come and find you. I will never give you away to Oath, ever. I'd rather lose my life fighting to keep you alive than anything else in the world. Dying knowing that you're safe is enough for me. I love you." There was a short pause and then I heard a sharp scream. "Go! They're coming!" I started running away, as fast as I could ever run. I think Mr. Mellark would be proud of me. I turned around and saw Christofer fighting a bunch of other figures by himself. Then I woke up.

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