Confinement Part 22

PLEASE READ: Deadlines for the contest is today! Okay well not today, but for this part since I'm planning on introducing Anarchy in the next. So, please comment or email me your design of Anarchy...

...with food and staging and lights! If you need any examples, please go to Confinement Part 21 and scroll through some of the entries there for some inspiration! Good luck!

Created by: Dannica
  1. Noose, Razor, Carnation, and Dig slowly made their way up the steep stone steps to the armory room. After the dismissal of the gathering, Sebastian had ordered them to bring out the weapons and distribute them to the others who were to be sent overseas. He had said that the Miscreancy needed to scatter, in order for it to obtain our goals of gathering the Seventh Sighters. At least that's what they told the group. But the four of them new better. "Do you think we have to bring out all the weapons?" Carnation asked, her long and bony fingers touching the doorknob of the armory room. "It's not like we're going to use everything." Dig strode ahead and opened it impatiently. "It must look real. We must do what Sebastian told us to." His broad shoulder blocked most the light coming from the room, so the Razor, Noose, and Carnation frayed behind for a moment. "Why do you suppose he chose us to stay?" Razor asked, her purple hair in heaps around her shoulders. "We are loyal," Noose answered. "He trusts us." Carnation laughed. "Sebastian trusts no one. We have what he wants. He knows we'll do his dirty work with no mercy. Take this as example." After Dig was deep into the weapons room, Noose went in. "And what do you think he plans on doing with the Miscreancy now?" he asked from behind. "He said he wanted to demolish the Seventh Sighters," said Carnation. Dig grunted. "Sebastian is smarter than that. He wouldn't go through all this trouble just to do things he could do all on his own. I think we all know what he's planning. We just don't want to admit it." There was a long silence. And that long silence was just enough to support that Dig was right. They did have a hint at what Sebastian was planning. It was just too brutal to even think about.
  2. Rave watched as she slept. He tried not to, but the way she breathed and the way she sniffled and the way she would clutch at his sweater and pull it closer to herself every time a car passed was so memorizing to him. He wanted to get her a blanket, at the least, but he also didn't want to leave her, especially when she specifically said not to. But he was secretly glad that she said that. He was also glad that she didn't ask about what happened back at the house. Because he wouldn't be able to explain it. Another car passed, and she stirred again. It was almost one in the morning. Rave kept debating in his head whether he should wake her or not. But then he faintly heard her mutter his name under her breath, just before the word got lost in a slur. And he smiled just a little bit, as a sudden warmth filled his insides. Maybe just one more hour.
  3. Web went downstairs into the Lobby. He couldn't sleep, and he needed a snack from the vending machine since Flame was too busy with the cabbage head girl to restock the pantry, and he was just too lazy. He came to the last step, and then stopped, flattening himself against the wall. Somebody was down there, and they were having a conversation. Web peered his head from the wall, and urged his eyes to get accustomed to the dark. The boy was by the billiard table, almost lost in the shadows. But then the moonlight hit an angle of his face and Web instantly knew him as Tallon, that kid that everybody said was sadistic or whatever. Web listened closely. Tallon was whispering. But there was nobody else that down there. "Yes, it's there," he heard him say to the unknown. "Can't we discuss this in the morning?" There was a pause, as if he was actually listening to a reply. "I mean the mid morning, where I'm actually--" Tallon stopped abruptly, and for a split second Web wondered if his breathing could be heard. But then there were footsteps, with creaks and groans accompanying them from the floor, coming from the other side of the room. A very cold wind suddenly blew through where Web was, even though the heater was on. There was a weird whispering noise that wasn't Tallon, which sounded like a drunk snake trying to hiss. Web took the initiative to see what it was, and the hell Tallon was doing here. But when he exposed himself from the wall, he was the only one in the Lobby.
  4. Rave laid her down on her bed, and fixed the blanket upon her. Her cat meowed when he appeared in the room, but then Rave guessed he lost interest and went back to his bed. He was about to leave when something caught his eye on the white board. On the right hand corner of the board was a message in green. "You're next," he read aloud. He bit down on his lip, grabbed the eraser, and soon the message was gone. He knew it was wrong, but he was going to tell her eventually. Rave just thought that all of this was too much for her as it is. He then sighed, and placed the eraser back. Then, with one final look at her dormant body, he Shimmered out of the room, turning the lights off before he went.
  5. I woke up feeling groggy. And sore. And confused. I had looked around the room in puzzlement, thinking that this was some foreign place that I never visited before. But then after sitting there in bed for a few more minutes, everything from last night came washing back into my memory: the lady, Paul Bunyan, Rave, the dance studio,...Rave. It all seemed like such a"” Oh crap, what time was it? I threw my head around to look at my alarm clock...which obviously didn't do its job (considering that I didn't set it). I rolled my eyes with an exhausting groan. Then it dawned upon me, and I instantly went into panic mode. School had already started. I whipped the covers off of me and ran to the bathroom to get changed, thanking whoever was up there at the moment that put my mind in set to take a shower yesterday. I put my hair up in a ponytail, sprayed some vanilla-lavender stuff on me, and scrambled for my satchel and binder on the floor. I blindly then sprinted out the door, paced through the hall, and whizzed down the stairs, cutting through the empty Lobby. When I was outside I think I turned into Sonic, jumping past planters and making the concrete beneath my feet burn. Then, determined to make it to class to redeem myself, I ran around a corner then"” Boom! My face implanted itself into something as I fell to the ground.
  6. "Oh my god," I heard a guy's voice say, with a little laughter layered in. "I'm sorry." I held my hand to my forehead for a few seconds, the stars around my head fading away. I saw a hand offered out in front of me, and out of sheer shock and panic to still get to class, I took it. I swung my satchel strap around my shoulder and finally got a glance at who this person was to thank him. I opened my mouth to say something, then closed it. "Web?" He laughed again. "Why do you sound so surprised?" I was about to say that I was so surprised because he didn't seem like one that would say sorry for colliding into someone better yet offer his hand to help them up. But I didn't say it. "I"” Why are you not in class?" Web smirked. "I was, but then I decided I didn't need to learn about human development and how we evolved from monkeys. Or something like that." He looked me over, in my bum clothes and my bum hair. "It's either you woke up late or there's a spirit day that I am not aware of." My head pulsed, and my cheeks flared red. "I need to get to class." He put a hand on my arm. "Which class? I know all the shortcuts." There was a devilish smile on his face that couldn't be trusted, but I told him anyways. "That's a boring class." I sighed. "I know illiteracy and grammar probably isn't what you would like to spend an hour and a half learning about, but considering the short amount of time I've been attending this school I would really like to not be in trouble." Web smirked again, then pulled out his phone. "You have thirty minutes left in first period. Might as well skip it."
  7. I stared at him as if he just murdered a kitten. "Are you serious? I'm not just going to skip a class!" "Why not? You're already late, and it's almost over. Besides, if I were you, I'd rather not go to school at all today." I narrowed my eyes. "Why not?" Web rubbed his neck for a moment, looking around. Then he cocked his head to his left and said, "I'll tell you over here. I'd rather not be caught skipping class by a school adviser." "I am not skipping class," I ventured on. I glanced at the direction my English class was, feeling instantly guilty and foolish. I wanted to go to the class and apologize and rack up whatever I missed. But I also wanted to find out what Web was talking about. "I don't approve of this," I muttered behind him. I heard him chuckle, and then hurried my pace to catch up with him.
  8. Before I knew it we were in the janitor's closet, a single light bulb shining in between us, and the smell of Windex buzzing around my nostrils. "So what is it that you were going to tell me?" I asked, starting to scratch at my bag, a sudden nervousness welling up inside of me. Web looked at me like I was skeptical. "Oh, this isn't the place that I wanted to take you." I looked at him with puzzlement, my nails digging deeper into the leather. "What do you mean?" He laughed. "Whoa, calm down." Then from beneath his feet he pried at the wooden floor. "People always get caught in the janitor's closet. I would hope you thought of me as more clever than this." Then there was a creak, and a perfect square board lifted from the ground. Web tossed it aside. "Let's go." I gawked at him. "What do you mean let's go? Where?" He ran a hand down his face as if he was exhausted. "You ask way too many questions, potato skin." Then without further a due, he jumped through the patch of darkness where the floorboard was, and landed with a massive thump. I put my feet at the edge of the hole, and looked down. "Come on," I heard him call, with that humored voice of his. "Just jump." I gulped, and glanced back behind my shoulder at the door that I could go through and be the good girl that I am. But then my eyes drew back to the hatchet. It's only going to be little while, I told myself. "Catch me, okay?" I said into the darkness. I think I heard a laugh. "Like I wouldn't." Then I jumped.
  9. I felt Web's arms wrap around my body as I plunged into what seemed like the night. I was blinded"”not even able to see my own hand in front of my face. Then there was a flame. There was a faint smoky smell, and I looked towards it, where Web held the lighter in his hands. "You smoke?" I asked him, almost aghast. "Nah, I just carry it around with me." He picked up a ladder that was laying on the ground and propped it up to cover up the floorboard. Then he turned towards me, the orange light illuminating his sharp face with ghostly features. "Because you'll never know what adventures you could run into." I shivered. "Where are we?" Web wiped his free hand on his jeans. "Underground tunnel. It leads to the Square." I drew my binder closer to my chest. "All of this just so you could tell me something?" "Well I also didn't want to be lonely on my trip. Besides, I think you could use a little fun in your life. And I am exactly the right guy you need to turn to." I narrowed my eyes, even though he probably couldn't see it. "And how do you know I need fun?" I could sense him smirking. "You look tired and stressed out. I don't know if it's just because of the lack of effort this morning, but back in the dorm, too. And it is not a coincidence that we seemed to have crossed each other like this. So it has to be fate." "It's not fate. And although I am stressed I do so happen to have fun." Web turned. "You have yet to experience fun, spinach dip. Go out with me tonight." He started walking backwards, as I stared at him incredulously. "I'm not going out with you tonight." "Why not?" "Because." "Because what?" "Just because." "Because you're scared." "Not true." "Then prove it." I sighed, at a lost for words. "Why do you want me to?" He laughed. "Because."
  10. I kept walking, feeling absolutely infuriated and flustered. "Is there even an end to this tunnel?" I don't know how I knew, but I knew Web rolled his eyes. "Do you ever realize how annoying you can be?" "Do you ever realize how oblivious you can be?" "I suppose you should be asking yourself the same question, with the whole school talking about you." I dug my feet into the dirt. "What?" Web stopped along with me, and then felt around what seemed like a dead end. "Here we go." Then I heard him push, and suddenly a piercing light blinded my eyes. I felt his hand on my arm, guiding me since I had no idea what was going (Oh the irony, after calling him oblivious). I heard cars passing by and people's footsteps and voices all around me. I opened my eyes, and shielded them with my hand before they got adjusted. I pulled out of Web's grasp and muttered a "thanks". I looked around, expecting to see the Square I see every time I come down and do my gig. But the problem was, it wasn't. There were no vast buildings and cozy looking bakeries and nice looking people wandering the cobbled streets with pedestrians carrying shopping bags. No, this was place dirtier, with a more monotoned look. The buildings were in badder shape, the people looked unapproachable, and smoke was just everywhere. "Welcome to downtown," Web said, a smile on his face. "Now, let's get down to business before one of these peasants try picking a fight with us." I must have looked scared, because he gave my shoulder a reassuring squeeze and said, "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. I mean, you pretty much saw most of me the first time we met." Then he put his mouth to my ear, making my insides squirm both in a delightful and uncomfortable way. "Anyways, I don't think they would mess around with a schizo girl."

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