Confinement Part 20: It's Out!

ermagherd this is the second time filling this in a day and really it's so much time that is consumed. Not really that was an exaggeration but still.

That was set perfectly, lol. Anyways, you might want to read this considering that there are some announcements throughout this nonsense thing, so I would recommend you read it :P

Created by: Dannica
  1. ugh, this is just not a good day, guys. Anyways, Part 20 is out and I just wanted ya'll to know and that is all lol
  2. There should just be a separate place where everybody can notify everybody. I mean, I would send emails but I don't have everybody's emails because none of you like me and don't want to email me :P
  3. But yes! Part 20 is out. Oh, and there is a double paragraph there, which I apologize for, because I didn't realize until I was looking it over after it was finalized -_-
  4. You can skip these last questions I guess. I don't really have many more announcements to make...did I tell you that I was leaving, oh yes I did sorry to bring it up again :P
  5. Hmm, I've been feeling very lazy yet productive lately. To be honest, all I really want to do all the time is curl up in bed with a good book and hot chocolate and read and watch tv and write stories and poetry and draw and listen to music and sing okay that is all
  6. I ate spaghetti today. It was really good. This is really irrelevant and if you're still reading up to this point you really should go to Part 20 and comment and comment and comment and tell me what you think of it because I'm one of those people that need reassurance all the time for me to do good :'(
  7. But if you're stubborn like me and want to just continue this then that's alright too.
  8. I'm thinking about doing a contest soon. For what the prize might be I have no idea, but I know it's not going to be the usual you-get-to-be-in-the-story prize, because honestly it interferes with a lot and I don't have much time as it is...
  9. But I'll think about it and let you guys know in Part 21 or so!
  10. Okay, thank you, there is nothing more here, goodbye!

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