10 Secrets part 9

okay, hey guys! Long time since I've put out a part! Sorry about that! I'm a busy girl. Well I have to admit that I got kinda lazy on this part. You'll see what I mean.

Oh and one more thing. I dont know when I will put out part 10. I will probably have it out by the end of october. Im thinking a part a month is the best i can do! Im sorry im so lame.

Created by: laurenblah75

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  1. Faces all turned towards me with eyes that look right through me. That's what it was like sitting there being so helpless. Mason sat down. My tension continuely grew higher and higher. "Well, well, well everyone. Look who we have here. Finally we got our hands on one of our little choosen ones." Mason smiled at me. "I'm not your little anything." I wasn't gotta let them win. I'd die before I do that. "Oh Kendra. There's not need to be rude. Let me introduce you to everyone. The guy to my right is Skye." Mason said. Skye was the last guy who walked in. He was the one with the stormy gray eyes and blonde hair. He had a nature boy look to him."Next to him is Ashlyn. " Ashlyn was the girl with the cool hair. She had blonde on the top and then black tips. Another thing about her is what Brdy told me. He said that she was voice and that I should watch out for her.
  2. "To the left of you is Elise. You already know her. To your right is Jake. You know him too. Next to him is Chandler." Chandler was the guy with jet black hair and it had green tips. "Next is Danelle." She was then nicely tanned one with brown hair. The door flung open with another person. The blonde devil witch was back. She sat down next to Danelle and stared and me. "Hello Kendra" she said and grinned. I just stared back. "Our final member is Lexi." Mason announced.
  3. Of course. Just my luck. f---ing Lexi to complete my living nightmare. This was just what I needed. "Now Kendra. I have a few questions that you must answer. In order to do what I have to do, I need to know your powers. Be a good girl and tell me." Mason said. "Nah, I don't feel like it." I said. "Don't be stubborn! Tell me!" "Tell you what?" I asked. I planned to stall and do whatever I could to give them no information. "Kendra. ANSWER MY QUESTION!!" "What question?" "I'm gonna give you one last chance. TELL ME YOUR POWERS!" I made myself comfortable and put my feet up on the table then crossed them. "I don't know what you're talking about." I said. "Very well then....gaurds!" The same two idiot gaurds came back in. Mason pointed at me. Both of them came and picked me up. Uh oh. This wasn't suppose to happen I thought. They took me out of the room. The last thing I saw before the door shut was Lexi smiling evily wavying me goodbye.
  4. **Melinda's POV** The car ride was going well. In my car we had all of us girls, Abby, Katie, Connie, and me. Connie was driving. In the other car was the guys. Using the cars seem to make the trip much shorter. We stopped for lunch around noon. We still had a good 4 hours to go though. We were making good time because we left around 4:30 this morning. Connie has been driving all day and not once has complained about it. Doesn't she get tired of driving? During the ride, we all napped alittle and talked. Not once did we even talk about what we're going to do once we get there. Maybe we will later.
  5. **Kendra's POV** Unlike how I imagened this would go, I was put right back in the same room as last time. NOT the dungeon. That was a huge plus for me. The room was exactly how we left it too still holding the resue scene. "Don't pull any of your little tricks on us this time. They WON'T work. Got it?" The door closed and once again as usual I was alone. I was kinda glad. The bed was still left how it was when Brody dragged me out if it and the closet door was wide open. I stood up, went over and sat on the same side of the bed I slept with Brody. The memory was still fresh in my mind. The fact that it happened literally just a few days ago was crazy. I looked over at the clock on the side table. It read 2:30 p.m. I didn't know what would lay ahead. My life was way too much for me to handle. I have so much on my mind!
  6. I debated on what to do. Just laying down felt good. I wished that I wasn't alone. Last time was so much better. My friends were here to save me already and I had someone else in the room who was on my side! Now I am laying here by myself left to do nothing. I really wanted to talk to Abby or someone, but then I remembered that I couldn't. At least not until whatever the needle injected into me was out of my system. I was wondering what it was and how long this power usuage restraining was going to has for. Hopefully whatever it is dies out soon. I'm not sure how much longer it will be til I can't take the boredem. As I drowned myself with thoughts, I was too stuck in my mind I didn't even realize the door opened.
  7. Before I had time to react the Ashyln girl was standing by the door. She walked in and quietly closed the door. "Hello." She said shyly. "Um...hi?" I replied. "Can I help you with something?" I asked to break the silence. "Well, yes actually. It's something that may benefit us both." "What are you talking about?" This was definately not something I was expecting. Brody warned me to be aware of this chick and not to fall for any of her tricks. I have no choice, but to be careful. I also have to find some way to escape and get them to omehow tust me. This right here may be my only shot.
  8. "I am here to show you something Kendra." Ashlyn told me. Could she be doing this because Mason ordered her to? "What is it?" Ashlyn stepped towards the bed. "Take my hand to see." I said. I hesitated and looked into her eyes. "What's th catch?" I asked. I was pretty positive this chick wasn't here to help me, but to squeeze as much information as she could out of me. "Kendra, there isn't one. There is just something I feel I should show you. I'm here to help you. I swear!" What she said really made my suspicion grow. "I need proof that you are actually wanted to help me. What exactly are you helping me with?" "I'm here to help you escape. I don't want to be here either. Together we can be free!" "Where's my proof? How am I suppose to trust you?" "Because. I'm on your side. I've always been." Ashyln responded. She grabbed my arm. Next thing I knew, I was in a spiraling neon world.
  9. Alright. Its short and bizzare. Yep. At least i put something out. My life hasnt been exactly normal. Ige been sick and hav had a lot of family emergencys. Its not like I asked for all this crap to happen to me. Plus I dont have much spare time. Im so sorry guys. I dont know when part 10 will be out. Until then bye!!!!!
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