10 Secrets (part 6)

Hey. This will be part 6 of 10 Secrets. It is shorter though. Hey there is a plus to all of this though. My computer is fixed, so that means, I can go back to normal multi results. YAY!

And um... what else. This part is on time. Another good thing I guess. Haha. Ok well that is really all that I have to say this time! Ok go take the quiz now!

Created by: laurenblah75
  1. We walking into an underground training room. It was sort of like a work out type of thing, but with equitment for fire and other things. It had something for every power. Connie led us over to her station. "Here we can work on healing techniques and practice the telekinisis. So do either of you have any cuts of bruises. Anything?" Brody showed Connie the bruises that he had from falling off his bike. "Well I'm sorry Brody. There is no way you can have the healing power. If you had it, you wouldn't have these anymore. Kendra do you have any?" I looked around on my body. I didn't find any. "Uhhh.... I don't think I do" "Okay, Brody you will be our test subject. All you gotta do is sit down here and let Kendra try and heal some of your bruises. Not hard. Kendra what you're gonna do is move your hand over to a bruise on Brody. Put your hand on it. You have to take in the pain. His bruise should begin to clear up. Go ahead." I looked into Brody's eyes. He smiled flirtatiously. He then pointed to a scab he had on his arm. I put my hand on it. It felt gross, but I got over it quickly. I stared into his eyes and he did the same to me. I removed my hand and saw his skin was quickly healing. "Well then. You can heal. Next is the teleikinisis" Connie said. I wish she wouldn't have said anything. Obviously she couldn't tell what Brody was doing.
  2. I"Ok now...hum.. where were we? Oh yeah! Telekinisis! First things first." Connie handed us each a penny. "Both you can set them down here. They are the item you will move. Just stare at your penny. and want it to move. Simplish. Ok try it out!" I stared at my penny. Hum...... it was cleaner than most pennies. Shiney too! Anyways I looked over to see how Brody was doing. He moved the penny right in front of my face."Ok so Kendra can heal and Brody has telekinisis. Alright. Now its Josh's training time. Let me go get him." Connie went back upstairs. "Haha. Connie is so blind. She said usually the mood killer that's for sure!" Brody said. "And you have experienced this before?" I asked. It was Katie. She brought over some guy who she was dating. She didn't want him to meet her real dad, so she got Dylan to turn himself into a. middle age man and got Connie to pretentd to be her sister. Thest of us hid in our rooms."Josh said. He came up to us and said. " haha. What were you gonna say Brody?" Brody looked at Josh. "Oh uhh.... I was just gonna say, I was trying to talk with her on the ride up here, but she wouldn't talk." "Hum... sounds like her. Ok well time to train!"
  3. "Now. Invisiblity. Hum... there isn't a trick. Other people I hage met who have invisiblity all tell me different ways they use it. I mean ways like how they get the power to start. So whwt I am going to tell may be extremely helpful or the must unuseful thing you have ever heard. Do what you think will turn you invisible. Whatever that means to you, do it." Josh said. He wasn't the teaching type. Brody looked at me to see how I reacted to Josh. I wasn't there when he looked over though. That's because I was invisible. It wasn't had. All I had to do was want to be hidden and unnoticed. Josh smiled when he realized what happened too. I guess he must have felt like he did something right.
  4. "Brody, so are you going to try at all?" "Josh, I did. Nothing I could thino of worked." "Oh well um... ok Kendra, do something to turn yourself back. I'll go get Abby. Great job by the way." Josh left and Brody and I were alone again. "Wow. Well, today has been long. At least I got to spend it with you." Brody said. I couldn't help but to smile. "Awww really Brody?" "Yeah. What fun would today be without you?" I began to blush. Abby came down just in time. "Whoo, sorry guys. Haa I was hanging out with Katie in my room. Haha. So mind reading makes me feel all special. This has to be the best power ever. I mean you can know how everyoe feels without even asking. Easy! Ok so I want for both of you to think of an object or well anything." Abby said. I thought about a unicorn. It wasn't any hard object. "Now that you each have something in your mind, lets play the gjessing game! Brody guess what Kendra is thinking of!" Hum.... Kendra is thinking about either a horse or a unicorn." "Great Brody. That was correct! Kendra your turn!" I studies Brody. He was smiling and held a tight stare. "A rose." I said. Brody continued his stares. He knew now that we both could read minds. "Two in one! Awesome! So here's the best part. The three of us get to train TOGETHER and we all can talk to each other through our minds. Just think of the person you wanna talk to and then think what you wanna say. You can also say things to other people likenMelinda and stuff, but they can't respond. Well now sadly I habe to go. Dylan will be here though!"
  5. Abby skipped out f the room and Dylan came in not even a second after. "I have been waiting or this all day! Go ahead and lets see what you can do. Just think of whatever and well, involved yourself. Believe you are whatever it is you thought of." I though of a rose. I couldn't drop why Brody was thinking of a rose. Still I tried to just focus on a rose. No use. Nothing was happening. Brody said he would try it, but it didn't work for him either. Brody had the same results. " Well that's the end of training of today. Let's go eat. I'm starving." We followed Dylan back upstairs. Katie was making sandwiches. The stove clock read 8:14pm. Training took over the day!
  6. *Time forward* After eating the sandwiches Katie made us Connie told me that my book training would be with Dylan. Brody's would be with Josh. I was exhausted and was ready for bed. I said goodnight to everyone, besides Dylan. He came upstairs with me. "Hey Kendra, before you run off into your room, there's sokething I wanna ask you." Dylan led me to the doorway of my room, which was the the room farthest from the stairway. "Yeah Dylan what's up?" I asked. "Here, let's go inside. Its kinda private." Dylan opened my oor for me and we went inside. I sat on my bed and Dylan sat next to me. "Ok, Dylan what is it?" I asked. "Well, all day, you and Brody have been flirting with each other..is there something going on between you two?" I looked at Dylan suprised. How would he know we were flirting. "No and how do you know.." " Well everyone said that when they were training you, um....yeah." "Well. Nothing is going on. Is that all you wanted to ask me Dylan?" I can't believe everyone thinks Brody and I are together. If we were, I wouldn't be in my room. "No, there's something else."
  7. Dylan paused for a moment before continuing. "So I'm not sure if you have heard yet, but Katie has a boyfriend. Since ojr phones, are well gone, they have been talking though email and stuff like that. He asked Katie on a date the other night and she said yes. Katie was talking to me about it and she wants to go on a double date. She asked me if I would find a date and go with her..so I guess what I'm asking you here is, will you go on a date with me?" I looked at Dylan. He was extremely nervous. "You no, if you don't wanna its fine. We don't even have to go as a coup.." I cut Dylan off. "Sure. When is it?" I wsked. Dylan calmed down. "Saturday night." "Great, just one last thing. We aren't suppose to leave the house.How is this gonna work?" I got Dylan there. "Oh...um... I'll have to ask Katie about that." Dylan answered.
  8. "Yeah. Uhhh I'll just talk to her about that later. I think I'm done here, so I will leave you to go to bed." We each got up from my bed and I walked Dylan to my door. Before he opened up my door, he hugged me and whispered "Thanks. Sweet dreams Kendra. See ya in the morning." He left me all alone in my room. I though about what to do next. I just thought about well my life. Not even a week ago, I was an average 15 year old girl, dealing with normal problems. Its only Friday and I have found out so much about myself. I am wanted by these villians who want my powers. Brody is going though the same. I can do the impossible with my powers. And now im going on a date with Dylan. One thing that hasn't changed though is. my life is still interesting. Once again I fell asleep, but the only difference this time, was a dream
  9. Ok yeah... that's part 6. Kinda short huh? Yep. Sorry bout that. There isn't much I can really do because well... Saturday is next and stuff. Hey at least this part wasn't overly late like the last 2 part. Quick warning though....
  10. Part 7 will more than likely be lwte to. Im going out of town again on the 3rd and wont be back til the 8th. Sorry once again. Ok so are you gonna comment or rate or just sit there?
  11. Oh yeah. One last thing.....

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