Confinement Part 10

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Created by: Dannica
  1. Walking down the stairs into a room filled with girls that hate you holdings hands with an insanely hot boy that they all wanted was definitely a showstopper. They didn't notice us at first, but then Flame laughed and in that moment every head turned our way. I heard some gasps and some sighs and some giggles and even some groans. We kept walking, but surely, so that everybody had a chance to see us together. I dared flicked my eyes at Megan and I swear smoke was about to come out of her ears and nose like those in the cartoons. I smiled to myself. Revenge was sweet. Flame opened the Lobby door for me on the way out. I stepped into the cool summer wind, instantly hearing the gossip bloom from the inside. Flame laughed behind me. I turned around and joined him.
  2. "Thanks. But you realize now that Megan is going to make my dorm life hell." He started walking, so I joined alongside him. "I wouldn't be so sure about that. They think we're together now, and if they do something bad to you and I find out they know I'm not going to tolerate." I turned my head to the side to face him. "Do they really care that much about how you perceive them?" We turned right, away from the school gate. "From the looks of it, yeah. I don't blame them, though. I mean, look at me: everybody wants a piece of this. Some pieces more specific than others, if I've heard correctly." Oh my God. I started cracking up in laughter, which made Flame grin. "I'm serious. The girls here are quite promiscuous." I was still laughing when I noticed a bunch of people in the quad giving the both of us stares. My expression turned confused and I looked up at Flame whom was smirking. "Why is everybody still looking at us like that?" We continued on walking, passed the fountain and deeper into the school. "It might just be me, but I'm pretty sure it's because we're still holding hands." What.
  3. I looked down by my side and saw that he was correct. My hand was still in his hand. Did I want to let go? Not really. Should I let go? I didn't know. So I acted out of impulse, and I let go. Flame peered at his hand still hanging there. "Aw. And I thought we were getting somewhere." Oh believe me, I wish we were. Finally Flame led me to a brown door just on the side of the science buildings. He opened it and I saw a few flights of metal stairs going up. I went in and started climbing, me hearing his footsteps right behind me. "I have a strong feeling that we're going to the roof," I called over my shoulder. I heard a dramatized sigh. "You just ruin everything, don't you?" "Well where else would we be going, Mount Olympus?" "Feisty. I like that." I rolled my eyes and continued on another flight. "And way to be original, by the way." "It is original, green beam. If you really thought about it every encounter on the roof is original because every encounter has different people and different scenarios in it which usually resolves in a different way." I stopped on the step and turned around. His arms were on either side of the stairs, so if I wanted to run I didn't want to run into his embrace. "Can you stop calling me green bean?" "No." "Why not?" "Because I like calling you something that other people don't. It's...original."
  4. He stared back at me with a mocking grin that I wanted to shred into a cheese grater but at the same time take a picture and send it to Vogue. I groaned and returned on walking. At the end of the stairs was another brown door with a sign labeled ROOF. Flame turned the knob and opened the door. "How did you know that the doors wouldn't be locked?" He made a gesture with his hand for me to go first and said, "I know some people." I heard the door click as I walked to the edge of the roof and looked down. There was nothing along the edges that would keep you from falling except maybe the gutter; but it really depended on which edge you were at. The school looked dead from above. But it was a nice dead. It was quiet and peaceful, since I bet everybody was in the town Square or in their dorms. Outside of the school was more vibrant. You could see the cars coming down the roads with their headlights and all the signs of shops and restaurants ablaze and the smoke from some of the local houses' chimneys which I thought was cool because I didn't think anybody used their chimneys anymore. In the middle of the roof was a big glass triangle with something green inside, which I guessed were plants. Other than that, there wasn't really anything that caught my eye. Except Flame. A cool breeze swept over me, blowing my hair to the side. I put my sweater over my head and tugged on it to come down, thankful that I brought it. Er, that Flame told me to bring it. Where was he?
  5. I turned around expecting him to be giving me his stupid smirk but he wasn't there. I did a full 360 and almost scanned passed him, barely seeing him since his shirt was such a dark color. He was sitting on the edge of the roof, legs dangling lazily in the air. His back bones were visible through his shirt, which made me kind of want to tell him to remove it, but I couldn't get passed the fact at how vulnerable he looked. I sniffled and then made my way towards him. "Nice view, huh?" I hesitated whether to sit with him or not so I just said, "Yeah, everything's beautiful from up here." Flame turned his head to me. "I meant myself, but yeah, the city's nice too." I rolled my eyes and pivoted to turn away when I felt his hand gently take hold of my ankle. With a laugh he said, "I was just kidding. Although..." "Don't push it." He removed his hand from my ankle and placed it on the roof ground with half a smile. "Sit with me." I faked a groan. "Do I have to?" "No. But if you do I might just give you a kiss before we leave." "And I'm so looking forward to that," I said sarcastically. "But I'll sit anyways, because I feel awkward standing." He turned his head back to the city. "Right."
  6. I carefully swung my legs over the roof and sat down on the cold cement, my shoulders barely touching his. "So why are we here, exactly?" "For my favor." "And what's that?" "You ask a lot of questions." "I like knowing what I'm getting myself into." "Then I guess you'll have to wait a little longer." It was quiet for a moment. "So where are you from Mr. Oh-girls-love-me-and-I-can-have-any-girl-that-I-want?" He chuckled under his breath. "I'm from Chicago. And believe me when I say that I can't have any girl that I want, because as a matter of fact, I'm starting to like this girl, and I'm pretty sure she's not going to like me back." "Don't tell me it's me." He put on a melancholic horror struck face. "How could I like such a commoner like yourself?" I nudged him on the leg with mine. "How could a commoner like myself like back such an asshat like yourself?" He nudged me back. "Touche." I laughed under my breath. After that it was silent for a while. The only sounds came from a cricket chirping and the cars in the city. I wondered about what Flame said before about that girl. It couldn't have been me. I've only been here for two days. But still...It would be nice. And I said I didn't want to be like another one of those girls. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  7. "Is your real name Flame?" He shook his head. "People just started calling me that and I guess it stuck." "Why'd they start calling you that?" He looked at me, his eyes so luminous in the night, like they were glow in the dark. "Something that happened before I got here. There are a bunch of rumors, but I've only told the real story once." I looked down at my knees. "Oh." I heard him laugh. "I don't want sympathy for something you don't even know about." "Good, because I wasn't giving you sympathy." With a wide smile still on his face he checked his phone and then put it back in his pocket. "It's almost 8:45. We have to go in a few minutes." "Why?" "Because that's when they lock the doors. Unless you want to spend the night up here with me. That's not a problem." His eye gave me a wink and I felt my face heat up. "I think I'll pass on that one, thanks." He put on a disappointed expression and said, "It was worth the shot." I breathed out of my mouth and saw my breath come out, reminding me of a dragon. I tugged my sweater sleeves down so it covered my hands. "I guess we should go. You look cold." I smiled. "A gentleman now, are you?" "As always." He got on his feet and offered me his hand. "What about your favor?" He squinted one eye at me and bit his lip. "We'll take care of that next date." I took his hand while he holstered me up. "You never mentioned it was a date." We were literally inches apart when I found my balance and stood upright. "Either way you'll come." I dropped my hand back to my side. "And how do you know that?" He looked at my lips before gazing into my eyes and then put on an easy going smile. "Because you're here now."
  8. I hugged myself with my arms as another breeze kicked in. "I kinda had no choice." He dug his hands into his front pockets again. "You didn't have to invite me in." "I had a feeling you'd eventually find a way." He laughed. "That sounds kind of obsessive. I would have waited out there until you got out and just talk to you, even if you wouldn't reply, though." I licked my lips since they were starting to get a tad chappy from the wind. "Really?" I caught myself looking at his lips this time; so smooth and soft looking and rose colored. "You don't believe me?" I blinked out of it because I was starting to lean in. "What time do the doors lock again?" Flame stepped back with a smile that I couldn't read. "Two minutes. I'll walk you back." I followed him out the door, stealing one last glance at the view, and started descending the stairs.
  9. The walk back was quiet and lonely. there were small groups of kids hanging out by the planters or by the smoothie place, but other than that it was more dead than from what I saw on the roof. The two of us walked in the Lobby, where not many girls were at anymore. The ones who were there gave us looks but then looked away when Flame caught them. We walked up the stairs for what felt like years and then finally stopped outside my dorm. I stuck the key in and turned it. Before I swung the door open I left the key hanging and turned all the way around to face him. "Um, thank you for showing me the roof. Where you probably bring all your first dates." He twinkled. "So you admit it was a date?" Crap. Before I could think of a witty response he said, "And you're the only person I've brought up there, to be honest." "Why me though?" He rose an eyebrow. "Why not you?" My finger twitched. I turned around and opened the door, pulling the key out. I walked inside and faced him again. "Uh, goodnight." In return he gave me a smile that made me feel all tingly inside. "Goodnight, green bean. I'll see you tomorrow. And maybe on the next date I'll give you that kiss." He walked away with a small laugh as the sound of his footsteps got more distant until I couldn't hear them at all. I shut the door and threw the keys onto the coffee table. I was really looking forward to that kiss.
  10. Before I went to bed Mom called me. We had this conversation mostly revolving about my pills and how I was doing and stuff. I just told her I was fine and that I was living a life of normalcy. Having the Seventh Sight and a Savior was definitely that, I thought. She ended the call with an I love you, and I actually had the chance to say it back this time. I tied my hair up into a high ponytail and set my alarm clock at seven thirty, since tomorrow morning was officially going to be my first day of school. I let Comet cuddle up with me in bed, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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