So this is High School! Part 11

Okay, first off, I really really need to pay a lot closer attention, because THIS IS PART TWELVE AND NOT ELEVEN, DESPITE THE TITLE. LOL. Well, enjoy!

This part is about the end of the dance and the beginning towards the middle of the sleepover at Rachel's. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this part!

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. The music starts to fade, along with the magic of the night, as everyone starts to pour out the school doors. You press tight to your friends, ensuring you won't get seperated. Finally safe in the car, you breathe, "Wasn't it... I don't even have a word." Jocelyn giggles quietly, and Rachel smiles. "I'm glad you had such a good time." Bree says. "Aw. You guys rock," you say, leaning back into the seat.
  2. "Yeah, it was awesome." Jeff gets out of the car, blows Jocelyn a kiss which makes her blush pinker than her dress and redder than.... Somethjng that's red. He starts the walk up to a large baby blue house. The merry car ride continues until you get to an old fashioned brick home, where Rachel says, "Okay, girls, come on out!"
  3. You, along with Bree, Jocelyn and of course, Rachel, squirm out of the car and grab your suitcase from the trunk. "Bye!" call the two boys still in the sleek blue car as they zip away into the black night. "Got your stuff?" Rachel asks, snatching her purse from the concrete driveway floor. You nod, and Rachel leads you and your other friends to her front door, where before Rachel can knock, a kind-looking, plump old woman opens the door. "Oh hello, doll babies! How cute you look all doll babied up!" she says. "Hi, Nanny Petunia," chime Bree, Rachel and Jocelyn, setting their bags down. "Hi. I'm Liza," you say, pausing to look at the woman a bit. She looks honestly like a fat old doll, all wrinkled and soft. "You can just call me Nanny Petunia like them other pretties, darlin'." Nanny Petunia, who you know see to be in a wheelchair, heads back into the kitchen. "Hurry up, Liza!" says Jocelyn, beckoning from the stairs.
  4. "Okay, okay!" you follow them, grabbing your overnight bag and finding yourself in a charming turquiose room, full of soccer medals and electronics. "This is the crib, Liza," Rachel grins, looking around for something. "If you're trying to find your iPod, I took it last week." Jocelyn holds up an iPod Touch with a zebra-striped case in her hand. "oh. Well in that case, gimmee." Rachel cups her hands.
  5. Jocelyn tosses the iPod across the room to Rachel, who makes a miraculous catch. "Thanks. Man, what the hey did you do to my facebook?" Rachel scratches her head. Bree plops down on the black and white checkered bedspread. "Really, Joce, you have to quit doing that." she says, shaking her smiling head. Jocelyn looks sheepish. "Oh come on, guys, all I did was add some pictures-" she begins. "And chat with Jeff! Why can't you do that on yours? And let's see... De-friended Amanda Caper? You don't even know her!" Rachel scrolls down. Jocelyn shrugs. "She had a bad profile pic. She could really use some hairspray, which reminds me..." Jocelyn picks up a large pillow and whacks Bree. "What did that have to do with hairspray?" giggles Bree, grabbing a turquoise throw pillow and getting ready to strike. "Who cares?" You get your pillow from your sleeping bag and hit Rachel, who, being an athlete, develops some kind of pillow fighting strategy and ends up winning- or at least lasting longer than anyone else. "That was fun," you laugh. Rachel nods. "Now whenever someone says hairspray I'll probably humiliate myself by laughing." Bree says, giggling softly.
  6. "Hairspray," Rachel whispers into your ear, "Pass it on." You repeat the message to Jocelyn, while Bree Looks on curiously, until Jocelyn, who can barely keep a straight face, yells "HAIRSPRAY ! PASS IT ON BREE!" Which leaves Bree in a fit of giggles. "We are so weird," grins Rachel. Now everyone is sitting in their dance dresses, in a circle, surrounded by hints of a pillow fight. "I know. Isn't it awesome?" Jocelyn sighs, laying back and banging her head on Rachel's bed. Which, of course, only produces more laughter.
  7. The you all split, put on PJ's, and return to the circle and decide to do makeovers. "I haven't done one of these since like, seventh grade," laughs Rachel, currently applying black eyeshadow on Bree's eyelids. "Me neither-oh wait, Ray, remember last month?" says Bree, flipping through Seventeen. You sit quietly behind Rachel, plaiting her hair into corn rows even though she protested and said she'd look silly. "Yeah. That was hilarious." Agrees Rachel, just as Jocelyn, returning from the closet, emerges with some nail polish. "Meet your personal nail... Person," says Jocelyn with a little giggle at the end.
  8. "Ooh! Do you have crackle?" squeals Bree. "We sure do, Ma'am. Would you like white or silver?" Jocelyn grabs two bottles from the box of polish. "Both!" says Bree, picking up a mirror. "OH MY HORROR WHAT THE HOT DOG DID YOU DO TO ME, RACHEL?" She shouts, then falls over laughing, joined by her make-up artist, Rachel. "Yow!" Rachels hand flies to her head, where you've almost completed the corn rows. "Sorry," you apologize. "You've been awfully quiet, Liza," Jocelyn notes, unscrewing the nail polish bottle's cap. "I'm really having a great time," you reassure her. When Bree and Rachel stop laughing, the makeovers, combined with cheerful chatter, continue for about half an hour. "Bree, I hardly recongnize you! And thats bad! Promis me you won't ever go goth," Jocelyn says, gripping Bree's hands as you all stand in front of the mirror. "But I must admit, I'm in love with your crackle nails,"Jocelyn adds, touching each one carefully. "Hey look, I have Willow Smith hair," giggles Rachel, tossing her dark braids around, whacking everyone else. "Hey, Willow, watch it!" you complain. "You guys wanna go down and scare my mom, watch a little TV?" Rachel suggests. You laugh out loud. "All we'll have to do to scare her is walk NEAR her. You actually make a pretty good flapper, Jocelyn." you comment. Jocelyn, in an old dance costume, heavy makeup and a white-blond wig, looks pretty... Different. The others agree with Rachel's idea, so you all head down stairs.
  9. "Oh. My. Gravy." Rachel's mother puts a hand over her heart and closes her eyes when she sees you. "Yikes! Are you running away with the circus? You'd certainly be interesting, let's see: A Flapper? Oh My word, Miss Jocelyn. Hmm. Willow Smith,-" she continued, laughing at this point-"And sweet Miss Bree a demented goth, I'm guessing? And you must be Liza. The blue cheeks are... Hmm, sorry, no word for that." You laugh. "Well, the TV's all yours, girls. Now shoo. And Liza, you can call me Chantal, by the way, everyone does." smiles Chantal.
  10. You watch TV for a while, and are surprised to see Jam from school on the news, for robbing a mini-mart! "Mr.... Er, Jam, can you tell us why you robbed this? You have a squeaky-clean record." Louise Chapman's no-nonsense voice says on the news. "Well, first, I heard robberies were really IN right now! Dawg, cool huh? Then, second of all, it's been my lifelong dream to be on TV!" Jam says, and then sticks his face in the camera. Just then, Bree's phone rings. "Prepare for death-" says a growly voice.

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