So this is High School! Part 5

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Whew! Part five! Awesome! Thanks for reading and commenting! I always look forward to reading them- you guys simply rock amazingly! Wooo hoooo! : ]

In this part, we continue the day-but not quite finish it. You meet a new person and possibly a club you may stay in. So much to read, so little time! Go go go!

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  1. "I'm sorry,"you say, laughing very hard. "Um, it-its okay, kid,"Jam stands up, straightens out and pulling up his black hood, leaves the library.
  2. Just then, a very familiar voice says, "Hey, Liza!" You look up to see Josh smiling and hovering over your table. "Oh! Hey, Josh, what's up?"you smile back.
  3. Josh sits down. You notice he has three books in his hands. "Not much, you?"he replies. "Well, aside from a little gum incident in first period, my day was great,"you say, thinking about all the people you met in just one day. "Gum incident. Let me guess. Rosita. Miss Langston's class. Ah, that would explain the pants,"Josh points to the wide leg white slacks loaned to you by the nurse. "Uh,yeah," you give an inward moan. You really wish you'd been wearing something other than these not-hip pants. "What'cha readin'?" you lean over to inspect his book pile. "Oh. Well I have a biography on President Kennedy for History and Geo, the guiness book of world records from five years ago, and um,well," Josh turns pink. "Let me see,"you tease, trying to pry the last book from his grasp.
  4. "Actually, I'm reading the Death to Love series,"Josh admits. "Really?I actually like those books too, but aren't they...uh...geared towards...girls?"you ask nervously.
  5. "Yeah, yeah, I guess, but I like them..heh.."says Josh sheepishly. "No, that's totally cool. Who's your favorite character?"you ask. "Oh. Definetely Rora."says Josh firmly.
  6. You spend the rest of your free hour talking to Josh in the library. Then you meet your girlfriends in the hall. "Well, I'm off to Art club,"says Jocelyn. "And me to soccer practice,"says Rachel. "What about you, Liza? What do you like to do?" asks Bree. "Well, I like to poetry and stuff..and I like music.."you say. "Ooh! You belong is Lani's songwriting club! I'll show you where it is,"offers Bree. "Okay,"you shrug. Well,since you HAVE to go SOMEWHERE.
  7. You find yourself in a room full of instruments and sheet music. A pretty girl with white-blonde, short curly locks smiles at you and Bree when you enter. "Lani, meet Liza. She'd like to try out your club,"Bree says, then adds,"It's her first day." "Oh, awesome! What do you play?" Lani asks, gesturing to the room boasting a wide selection of instruments.
  8. "Oh! A little of everything,"you grin. "Awesome. Thanks for pointing her in the right direction, Bree,"smiled Lani. Bree skips off and you look around the room to see Adrian on guitar, Rosita on the keys, and some fat guy playing tuba quietly-like that's possible.
  9. Adrian waves and you smile back. "Let's hit it!" roars Lani.
  10. You are confused and don't know what to do at first, then take words that were hiding in the depths of your soul and let them fly. Someone knocks loudly on the door.

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