So this is high school!Part 2

Welcoome to part two. In this edition, I took one commenters advice and did more about girlfriends and less about boys..I hope i did that well. I also tried to be more detailed but that didn't really work. There was another comment...but I forgot what that said, so I hope this satisfies all.

Thank you for reading! You guys rock! Part three comes out soon..just ask for it and I'll make it as soon as possible! ASAP! If I don't make it right away, sorry, but I'll get to it soon.

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. "Oh-um, hey!" Why did he slam the door on you? "That's Rob. He's kind of...particular, i guess. At least that's what people say. He's the new hothead lifeguard. I say he's snobby." a peppy voice says behind you. You whip around to see a tall girl with curly black hair, blue eyes, and a tan complexion. "Hi,I'm Liza,"you say."Thank's for the heads-up." "No prob,Bob,"the girl clicks her tongue and you both laugh. "I'm Bree, by the way. I've been her for a while, so I know who to watch out for,"the girl goes on.
  2. "That's cool. This is my first day."You say as you walk into the building together. "First day at SSH?Congrats! I feel so honored!" Bree smiles and enwraps you in a little hug, which results in more giggles.
  3. "Ew, losers hugging,"says a flat voice, a voice belonging to a tall blonde girl with a pretty floral print dress...and a possee of clones. " 'Ew, wotherth hugging,' " Bree says in a high-pitched tone...with a lisp. For the third time this morning, you laugh. "Ew, losers talking." groans the girl. "Well what are we LOSERS supposed to do? Stick our heads in mini-mirrors?" Bree says, pointing to the small hot-pink mirror the blonde holds.
  4. "Yes,"says the blonde, flipping her hair and stalking off with her clique. "See ya, girlfriend!"yells Bree, waving with obvious exageration. Some kids in the hallway laugh. The blonde screams with horror ands skids into a classroom.
  5. The hallways are starting to get crowded, and LOUD. You feel a bit choked. "Um, Bree? Can we go to class? And who was that girl?" Bree drags you to the wall, where you can hear eachother. "THAT was a taste of her royal highness, Miss Aurora Jameson."explains Bree. "And where IS your first class?" You don't even have to consult your schedule, you've memorized it. "Miss Langston, Math/Algebra, Room 202,"you recite with a blank look. "Cool, you memorized it! And also, weird, you memorized it. And hey, my first class is right next to yours. This is my room, actually," Bree points the the doorway you are next to, which has a silver- and-blue sign that reads 201! Let's have fun! "Sooo cheesy right?"Bree rolls her eyes. "Well, your right next door. Pick ya up after class? Unless of course, you meet... someone?"Bree tosses her curls and grinning, leaves you in the more or less now-quiet halls. You scramble to your classroom.
  6. The teacher, Miss Langston, is a petite lady with dark brunette waves who couldn't be more than 25 and is teaching sternly but with youthful vigor as you enter. "And you must be Miss Elizabertha Meina Hanson?"she asks, raising an eyebrow at the same time kids raise laughter. You turn red with embarassment at your full name. "Actually, I've been Liza since fifth grade-"you say, then catching sight of your serious teacher add, "Ma'am?" with a gulp.
  7. "Well, Been Liza, please tell us about yourself," Miss Langston rests her elbows on her desk primly. Darn! Just when the laughter had stopped, the other students, among them Rob, started to giggle softly at the teacher's look of amusement.
  8. "My name is LIZA,"you say through gritted teeth. "And I moved here from Whale's Key. It's um, south from here. And I have a twelve-year-old sister named Lois who is starting junior high here today, and a Mom who wears mousse,"you slap your forehead. Way to play the dorky card! But suprisingly, on a few kids laugh. "Is there anything else you'd like to share,Liza?" Miss Langstons smile lights up her face.
  9. "No. Ma'am, um no." You say. "You may sit over there next to Rosita. Rosita is the one with the adorable glasses,"hinted Miss Langston.
  10. A girl with long, wavy brown hair and, huh, they really were adorable, glasses waves you over and pats the seat next to her with too much know somethings wrong as soon as you sit down.

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