So this is High School!

This is a series I will be writing because I wanted to get a feel for writing High School Stereotype/Romance lit. Thanks for actually reading this description.

Even though you don't have to. It's not like I'm paying you to do it. But go ahead and finish reading, if You so choose to wish to do that. O hey! I should have actually made a description! Well, it's about a girl named Liza, but this part of The story only goes to the part of the day when she gets to school.

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. Beep!Beep!Beep!You groan and turn over in bed, slamming a fist in your alarm clock.
  2. You cautiously open one eye. Maybe the clock's wrong. Maybe it's not really your first day of school in a new town. No such luck. Your clock clearly reads 7:00, and yesterday Mom had announced you'd be starting school at Sarden Square High the next day.
  3. You sit up straight in bed and laugh as you pat your frizzy head. "Well, as Mom says, there's no time like the present,"you say. You then scramble to beat your twelve-year-old sister, Lois,to the bathroom.
  4. Mission succesful! You dive into the small aqua-colored room and hop in the shower. After this,you put your long auburn hair into a pretty fishtail braid and apply just a little make-up. "Hurry up, Lize!" Lois pounds on the door.
  5. "Coming, coming,"you huff, swinging open the door and running to your bedroom to read your bible and dress. You pick out your Got Sprite? Tee shirt, neon green and yellow denims, and Polo Ralph Lauren shoes. After this, you eat a hurried brekafast and smile briefly because Lois remembered to wear her T-shirt, too. She stylishly paired it with a bright orange plaid skirt miniskirt,citrus-fruit print leggings, and black boots. HONK! You manage a "Bye!" as you rush out to your awaiting school bus.
  6. The driver honks AGAIN as you board the bus and trip on the steps. The driver turns out to be an old man who grumbles when you fall.
  7. A light hand appears and you eagerly take it. As you regain your balance, you relize that the hand belongs to a gorgeous, tall guy with totally flippable brown locks, blue eyes and huge muscles.
  8. "You okay? Why don't you sit down?" he suggests. In a daze, you follow him. He makes polite conversation for the whole ride, while you focus on his handsome face.
  9. As you pull into the bus ramp, you catch sight of a very large brick building with silver letters that read SARDEN SQUARE HIGH SCHOOL,HOME OF THE SABERTOOTH TIGERS! "Get off. My bus," grouches the driver.
  10. "Let's go. Mr. Gram is always grumbling,"says the guy, who has identified himself as Josh Turner. All the students rush off. You lose Josh in the crowd.
  11. So, you you get to the door and see a tall, buff, tan, black-haired, grey-eyed guy helping people into the building. Ooh la la! Hottie helpers? But as you get to him, he stops holding the door

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