High School Confessions: Prologue

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this is just a real quick confession. if your a victim of high school drama and/or bullying take this quiz. please comments what i should do. PLEASE HELP ME.

please help me. if i confess im dead. if i dont confess .. i am still dead. HHEELLPP MMEE PPLLEEAASSEE!?!? thanks you byeee.

Created by: vincent
  1. You watch as Marie Kate walks up to you. She pours her leftover milk down the back of your shirt. You hate her. More then anything. She always calls you names and does mean thing to you. She is the most popular girl in school.
  2. You really want to confess to a teacher that she has been harassing you, but Marie threatens to kill you if you do. The reason she hates you is because in third grade you cheated off her test. You we're the first to get a 100 even though Marie got the same thing. Everyone liked you, so she got mad. She gave you payback. Hard. Now everyone hates you. Even the school nurse.
  3. At this point you just feel like strangeling her but you realize that would be just wrong. "What're you doing on the floor? Sleepyhead." She said, tripping you onto the hard, cold floor. Everyone in the hallway laughs at you. Disappointment Is all you feel.
  4. you tell your mom and she tells the principal. but when you go back to school the next day, you wish you kept your mouth shut. at lunch she trips you and you fall on your plate. at p.e. you hits you in the head with the basketball and told the coach it was an "accident".
  5. your name is Oriana Lynn and you have brown hair and hazel eyes. this Marie Kate girl is now trying to make your life a living hell. and her dreams are finally coming true. your life will be over soon. 'stupid high school'. you think to yourself.
  6. thats it
  7. this is based on a true story. what should i do?
  8. do you have the same problems?
  9. rate & comments
  10. plz post on comments of what i shud rly do. byee.

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