Would you make it in Hetalia High?

Welcome to Hetalia High. Which is basically like a regular school with a touch of France, Germany, and every other country. I apologize if this quiz sucks. I'm very bored, and very tired, and THIS is the result!

I hope you enjoy, you should be able to survive this place. After all it's only school... Kind of sort of maybe not. Sorry I have no clue what to say so I'm just gonna rant with this sentence until I have enough characters -_-"

Created by: ExplodingPineapples10
  1. Welcome to Hetalia High(Ain't that name just creative?)! A little info before we start: This is not meant to be taken literally, so if you read your result and I'm telling you to study harder don't take it too hard, it's all for fun! Good luck...? (Sorry I'm a bit hyper)
  2. Okay, well looks like it's time to go to homeroom, room 813! But you have no idea about where that is... Looks like he could help!
  3. "Oh, hello! Room 813 is right down that hall to the left!" He points you in the right direction, "By the way I'm Lithuania." How do you thank him?
  4. Eventually you manage to make it to homeroom, but you walk inside to find that every seat is taken! The teacher points out a seat in the front row... Next to Russia- Is he holding a pipe!?
  5. Homeroom went by faster than you thought! Now it's off to your first class, you check your schedule to find out that Gym is first. And you're off to the locker room!
  6. After you're done changing you go outside to the track, various students are stretching and talking when all of a sudden someone starts yelling at you all to get off your butts and run laps. You look up to see that it's Germany giving the orders.
  7. Boot camp-Er, time to run your laps! How do you fair?
  8. Phew! Gym is finally over, hopefully you made it through the first day without puking. Now on to French class!
  9. You walk into class to find out that your teacher is in fact, France. Any particular reaction?
  10. You take a seat in the back, keeping an eye on your "teacher" as he rants on in French to make sure he doesn't try anything. How do spend the rest of class?
  11. Finally, after 80 minutes of horrible French you can move on to science. Your instructor tells you that you will be doing a lab today and can have up to three partners. Who're picking?
  12. POP QUIZ!
  13. Too bad 'bout that quiz... Hopefully you passed! Well, looks like it's lunch time. You got to the cafeteria. The Allies are calling you over to their table, and so are the Axis. Who are you sitting with?
  14. Yum. Lunch was good, you even managed to catch America slip on a banana peel, which is always funny. Now it's the afternoon and everyone is eager to go home, but there's one more class left. Math.
  15. You go to math and doze past many numbers and symbols you didn't know existed and manage to make it through the day. How do you feel?

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