How much you know Hetalia?

There are many people says ''I'm Hetalia Axis Powers big fans!'' Hetalia big fans know all of Hetalia, Right? Haha. Hetalia big fans also know Pairings of Hetalia, characters of it, author, etc. Is it you?

Are you Hetalia big fans? Or just a trash at this fandom? Hey! You can check your knowledge about Hetalia in this quiz. Just spend a few minutes and TA-DA you've got the answer! Find out, guys!

Created by: Cassiopeia
  1. Who the author of Hetalia?
  2. Who is Lithuania?
  3. Arthur Kirkland
  4. Russia's older sister
  5. Who is Gupta Muhammad Hassan?
  6. Hungary is Natalia Arlovskaya. True or false?
  7. USUK is a pairing beetwen...
  8. Color of Prussia's eyes is
  9. Nordics are..
  10. Ludwig's birthday..
  11. Who loves pasta?
  12. Matthew's polar bear name..

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