How Well Do You Know Hetalia?

Do you know everything there is to know about Hetalia? This quiz is designed for people who are up for a challenge when it comes to testing their Hetalia knowledge.

This quiz covers different categories, like Hetalia family trees, theme songs, ships, and just random questions from different episodes. I tried to include most of the characters in this quiz, as well as some of the unknown characters. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Created by: Naehoge
  1. Let's start off with an easy one. The Axis Powers are made up of...
  2. Here's another easy one. The Allied Forces are made up of...
  3. Which group of characters are called the Nordics?
  4. 2p!England's human name is...
  5. What word does China say after many of his sentences?
  6. Germany...
  7. Greece is linked to which animal..?
  8. Three characters who are linked to magic are...
  9. Romano was raised by which character? (After the disappearance of his Grandpa)
  10. When Holy Rome is about to depart, Chibitalia gives him which object to remember him by?
  11. Which character is without pupils (In Axis Powers and World Series)?
  12. Turkey's human name is...
  13. Which character was the first to inform England and France about America's appearance?
  14. Which character warned Sealand about not wanting to become a country?
  15. Former pirate and island nation England cannot ___. Which word/phrase finishes the quote?
  16. Holy Rome is dead.
  17. Egypt makes his first anime appearance in Episode ___.
  18. When Russia is making plans to invade Poland, which character tries to inform Poland about it?
  19. In The Beautiful World, when China tries to put in his movie, what happens?
  20. Japan is meeting Switzerland for the first time. What does Japan expect Switzerland to be like?
  21. Which character is the tallest?
  22. What is the shape of the ring that Germany bought for Italy?
  23. When America is cleaning out his storage room, which object brings back the memories of The American Revolution?
  24. When Austria is under attack by Prussia, France, and Spain, which person decides to help Austria re-gain his "vital regions"? (This is after England fled).
  25. Which countries make up the UK?
  26. The Germanic characters (the main ones) include Germany, Prussia, Switzerland, Austria, Germania, Holy Rome, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Iceland, England, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, and _____.
  27. In Beautiful World, how does Russia defend himself from the attack from Prussia?
  28. Cyprus is closely related to...
  29. Which character proudly claims themselves to be "the big brother of Europe", but hates being old?
  30. Finland is...
  31. The theme song for Axis Powers is Marukaite Chikyuu. The theme for World Series is Hatafutte Parade. What is the theme song for Beautiful World?
  32. What is the next season of Hetalia called? (As of January 7th, 2015).
  33. In America's birthday special, what does England attempt to make as a gift?
  34. When China is showing off his newest findings to the emperor, how does he describe the giraffe?
  35. Which two instruments are heavily used throughout England's Marukaite Chikyuu?
  36. Germany's Anthem (not the Marukaite Chikyuu), is called ____.
  37. When Canada is trying to stand up to America, what scares him away? (This is in World Series, I believe).
  38. In Paint It White, what does Russia fight with?
  39. In Paint it White, how does Italy revive his friends?
  40. Which episode features France running around naked as a midget cat?
  41. What is the name of the bird that always stays by Prussia's side?
  42. What is Poland's human name?
  43. Russia's dream is to...
  44. In the anime, the first character to ever be shown is America. What does he say (in the English dub)?
  45. The Baltics include...
  46. Japan is first introduced...
  47. The main storyline of Hetalia is in Axis Powers, most of it being the Allies and Axis Powers being stuck on an island, fighting each other. What island are they stuck on?
  48. Did you like the quiz? I hope it was fun! This is my first quiz on this website, so I hope it turned out ok. Thanks for playing!

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