How Well Do You Know Hetalia?

You may think you know everything there is to know about Hetalia, and maybe you do. This quiz will test your knowledge and memory and and your eye for detail and lots of other stuff.

So, you're sure you know Hetalia? Do you? Do you really? You can find out, but if you're wrong this quiz might end up warping everything you thought you knew about Hetalia by filling your head with useless facts.

Created by: StarlightNyx
  1. How many Marukaite Chikyuu are there?
  2. Who is not part of the G-8?
  3. How many micro-nations are shown in the anime?
  4. What did America scare England with in the episode "Merry Halloween!"?
  5. In "Paint It, White" which country was hit by the Pict's ray first?
  6. When England tries to summon demons, who does he usually end up summoning instead?
  7. What's the name of the song at the end of 'Paint it, White' ?
  8. When was Iceland first introduced in the anime?
  9. Who makes up the magic trio?
  10. What color are Belgium's eyes?
  11. Which of these names did Finland first suggest to name Hanatamago?
  12. When is France's birthday?
  13. Who was the character who said the term 'Vital Regions' first?
  14. What gender is China?
  15. Who is the composer that composed the piece that Austria uses to express his anger and discontent?
  16. In the anime, Chibitalia gave Holy roman empire what to remember 'her' by when he left for war?
  17. In the manga, Chibitalia gave Holy roman empire what to remember 'her' by when he left for war?
  18. What did Holy Rome give 'her' in return?
  19. As of right now (2014) who is the only South-American country with an official design?
  20. In the game, Gakuen Hetalia, who is the main character?
  21. On episodes 18, 26, and 28, in the dub version, America yells, 'China, I choose you!' What anime is this a reference to?
  22. What is Hetalia a combination of?
  23. What are the names of Germany's dogs?
  24. What does America's cowlick represent?
  25. what kind of pet does Switzerland have?
  26. Who do the mochis belong to?

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