Which Hetalia character are you?

There are so many Hetalia fans, fandoms, ships, quizzes, ETC. But here's the ULTIMATE quiz to show you which Hetalia character you are. It's the most reliable quiz ever

Unsure about which Hetalia character you are? Take the quiz. Unsure about your result? Take it again, answering honestly. Because I can almost guarantee that you lied the first time to get the person you like the best.

Created by: Corey
  1. What would your friends describe you as?
  2. How often are you serious?
  3. What are you views on fighting?
  4. What is one word you'd use to describe yourself?
  5. What is your favorite food?
  6. Just for reference, how good are you with girls/guys?
  7. Last Question: How awesome am I?
  8. I tricked you, there are a few to go. So, did you like the quiz
  9. Ok, THIS is the second to last question. What's your favorite fruit?
  10. Who is your favorite hetalia character?

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Quiz topic: Which Hetalia character am I?