Can you guess Hetalia characters with a vague description?

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Guess the hetalia character, but I only give you a short description of their appearance, or who they are constantly shipped with. Good luck and try not to cheat ^^

I wanted to do something hetalia-related (mostly because I am hetalia trash T_T), and I had this crossing my mind for a while so WHY NOT? Just so ya know, this could might be difficult. Just saying.

Created by: TomateCrate
  1. Brown hair, curl, closed eyes
  2. Light blond hair, muscular, blue eyes
  3. Short, wears blue, no one accepts him
  4. Very short, wears skirts, long brown hair
  5. Brown hair, green eyes, slight tan, curl
  6. Blond hair, caterpillar brows (I'm not sorry), green eyes
  7. Oldest hetalia character
  8. Youngest hetalia character
  9. Blond, bob cut, has a g u n
  10. Longest hair
  11. White hair, purple eyes, awesome ^^
  12. Brown hair, green eyes, very nervous
  13. Who?
  14. Wears a bow, a dress, and will kill 0.0
  15. Very quiet, wears white, p e r s o n a l s p a c e
  16. Always shipped with Spain
  17. Always shipped with Austria
  18. Always shipped with France
  19. Become one with _____
  20. Spain is _____ according to Romano

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Quiz topic: Can I guess Hetalia characters with a vague description?