Which Hetalia Character Are You?

Begun as a webcomic in Japan, Hetalia has spread as an incredibly popular fandom and quite a large number of people participate in if, from buying merchandise to watching episodes. It is very easy, when divulged into a fandom this way to learn to associate yourself with a particular character.

So, which Hetalia character best fits you, then? Is it the fun-loving American or the eternally glum gentleman, Britain. You can find out with the results of this quiz!

Created by: amazon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which alignment do you best fit?
  2. Which word best describes you?
  3. Which of the following elements seems like it would best fit your personality?
  4. Which temperament type best describes you?
  5. Which would be an ideal best friend?
  6. Which subject is your favorite?
  7. Which role best fits you?
  8. Which country is your favorite?
  9. What is your preferred weather?
  10. Are you introverted or extraverted?
  11. Which animal would be your ideal pet?
  12. What's your opinion of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Hetalia Character am I?