Would You Be an Allied or Axis Character in Hetalia?

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In Hetalia, the main storyline follows the Allied Forces vs the Axis Powers and their adventures through WWII. If you were in Hetalia, which group would you be a part of - the optimistic Axis Powers, or the disorganized Allied Forces?

This quiz will not give you results based off of your favorite characters. For example: "Your favorite character is Italy so you're a part of the Axis Powers". No. This quiz will judge you based off of how you are socially, and what you would do in certain situations. I tried to make it as even and accurate as possible. I hope you enjoy :)

Created by: Naehoge
  1. Where would you rank in your group of friends?
  2. When doing group projects, how do you get along with others?
  3. What type of person would you consider yourself to be?
  4. How are you around large groups of people?
  5. Favorite school subjects?
  6. Do your teachers like you?
  7. Do you do your homework?
  8. What kind of people do you hang around?
  9. Do you get along with others?
  10. Do you enjoy the company of others?

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