Who Is Your Favorite Hetalia Character?

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Many people say thay have a favorite Hetalia character but what is their TRUE favorite Hetalia character? I hope you like this quiz, please comment! Sorry for any spelling errors... DONT CHEAT

Take this awesome to quiz to find your TRUE favorite Hetalia character!!! Please comment me about what type of Hetalia quiz i should make next! Or comment just for the heck of it!! :D DONT CHEAT

Created by: MoonFox
  1. What is your favorite color? *dodges sharp pointy objects*
  2. Pick a number!
  3. Pick an object!
  4. Who is your favorite Axis character?
  5. Who is your favorite Allies character?
  6. What is your favorite food?
  7. ...
  8. Who is your least favorite Axis charcter?
  9. Who is your least favorite Allies character?
  10. 1
  11. Did you like my quiz? ( no effect )
  12. Should i make another quiz? ( no effect ) ( the subject of it would be hetalia )
  13. Thank you for taking my awesome quiz!

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Favorite Hetalia Character?