Would you survive in Hetalia?

Admit it, if you're a REAL Hetalia fan, you've wished you could visit or even live in the Hetalia world at least once. It'd be fun, right? Right? Perhaps...

The question is, would you even survive it? Face it: there are potential killers everywhere. You didn't know? Let's see, you could go insane (VERY possible) and commit suicide, you could be killed in war, you could piss of Belarus or Russia or eat England's cooking. So, take the quiz and find out if YOU would survive Hetalia!

Created by: Kuri

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  1. You're a new country in Hetalia. Everything is going fine, until, "BAM!" you become an English colony. What do you do first?
  2. Well, okay then. Now, Italy greets you for the first time with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then, he tells you that it's a normal thing at his place, and other places too. You react by...
  3. CRAP! You pissed off Russia, and he is now chanting KOLKOLKOL at you. You respond:
  4. Unless you commited suicide, let's say that somehow you escaped being killed by the angry Russian. Later, you notice that you've wandered onto Swiss territory. (Uh oh...) What do you do?
  5. Welcome to your first world meeting! Italy is annoying you. A lot. He keeps saying "PASTAAA!" over and over again every other second and it's driving you nuts! You:
  6. You're on the Axis Powers! Germany puts your through extra tough training to get you up to the same level as Japan. (Italy's at your current level: baby steps) How do you fare? And be honest, now.
  7. You're on the Allies! You're all having a camp out, when England starts singing his "Marshmallow Song," also known as his "Evil Demon Summoning Song." You:
  8. Become one with Mother Russia, da?
  9. Happy Birthday! America made the cake.
  10. You're at war with Italy. What happens?
  11. Oh, look, it's Belarus! Hi! ...wait, what's that knife for? Oh, you're probably mad because I sat next to Russia at the last world meeting... (WHY DID I DO THAT?!) I think I'll...
  12. Last question, just for a review/reminder: If England offers you a meal, what do you do?

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