Which Hetalia Character Are You?

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There are many nations in this world. Hetalia shows those nations' true powers. Some nations are extremely powerful, while others are weak. Some fight until they die, some surrender.

Which Hetalia nation are you? Are you one the weak, or are you grouped with the strongest nations ever? Would you wave your white flag in a war situation? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Ren Leland
  1. Does your cooking taste bad?
  2. Do other people find you intimidating?
  3. The enemy wants you to surrender!
  4. Cute girls!!!
  5. A new nation!
  6. Axis Powers, or Allied Forces?
  7. The enemy is invading one of your allies!
  8. Do believe in fairies, ghosts, etc.?
  9. Aliens?
  10. "Oh say can you see..."
  11. Last question!!!

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Quiz topic: Which Hetalia Character am I?