Are you ready for Junior High School?

Are you a young elementary schooler, wanting to know if you are ready for junior high? If you are, take my quiz. It is very simple. I hope you like it.

Are You ready for Junior High School? Or do you think you need to stay in the 6th grade forever. Would all that homework be easy, or do you need to just stick with like 10 questions 3 days a week? Well, all of that and more can be answered right here in this quiz!

Created by: HPFreak123567

  1. First, are you shy?
  2. Do you have many friends?
  3. Are you scared of the older kids?
  4. Can you move in the opposite direction through big crowds easily?
  5. have u ever had a bf/gf?
  6. what is ur greatest fear bout starting junior high?
  7. what grade are you in right now?
  8. No more cubby-holes; just lockers! so would you be able to keep your locker organized?
  9. Have you had 'the talk' yet?
  10. do you turn your homework or school work in on time?
  11. Was elementary school hard for you?
  12. Are you gunna comment or rate? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: Am I ready for Junior High School?