Do you REALLLY like her? (Elementary School Version)

Are YOU tired of the other quizzes that only talk about people who are older? Are YOU tired of only staring at the girl you like? Are YOU tired of when you put in a red sock and a white t-shirt in the washer? Worry no more! This quiz is designed to be for elementary school kids by and elementary school kid. However about your sock problem, well, you're on your own.

So how about it then? Why don't you take this quiz? I personally think it's a waste of time but maybe not for you. Remember, even if you still think you like the girl, go ahead with it and don't care about your results! This quiz is designed for boys

Created by: Xzavier
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How old are you?
  2. How old is she?
  3. When you two are talking, do you run out of things to say?
  4. Do you try and talk to her during classes?
  5. Is her name one of the following? Andy Beth Carey Donna Elephantgirl Fanny Gary HelloKitty Indigo Jessica Kim/Kimberly Lauren Mary Nancy Orange Penny Quinn Ryan Sarah/Sara Tammy Underwear Viola Wendy Xjogahioajgjawopjiea Yolanda Zane
  6. What does she look like to you?
  7. Does she like you?
  8. Bro's or Bra's? (not brassieres)
  9. Do you look from a distance at her, or do you ALWAYS go up to her and tell her how pretty she is and basically stalk her?
  10. A REAAAL question. Do you like my socks?
  11. When/If her friends giggle at you, does it discourage you?
  12. You pass a love letter to her but it is intercepted by the teacher. He asks what it is. What do you say? (WARNING: DON"T DO LOVE LETTERS JUST AN FYI)
  13. She asks you if her pants make her butt look big. You reply,...? (I know, not normally a question you ask 1-6th graders. Just came to mind)
  14. What kind of style does she like?
  15. What kind of style are you?
  16. Do you think this quiz will actually work? Because I'm having some doubts.
  17. LAST QUESTION! How much do you like her?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLLY like her? (Elementary School Version)