Where's your apostrophe?

Apostrophes are those tricky little upside-down commas that we all know and love. Although we all learned about apostrophes in elementary school (sometimes appropriately called "grammar school"), many people seem to misuse apostrophes with startling regularity.

I have personally been horrified to see apostrophes increasingly misused to form plurals on signs. (For example, "banana's for sale.") With this quiz, you can prove to all that your punctuation skill level is comparable to the average fourth-grader! Give it a try.

Created by: Mrs. Chappell
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  1. Where do you need the apostrophe(s) in the following sentence: Whats your favorite color?
  2. All three of my dogs love their toys.
  3. My friends son is 6 years old.
  4. The kindergarten teachers helped put on the childrens coats before recess.
  5. Its raining today.
  6. The essays wouldve been better if the Works Cited pages were correct.
  7. I thought the bag was yours, but it was hers.
  8. The boss directions were to close the doors.
  9. Her parents are out until ten o clock.
  10. Both authors books shouldve been best-sellers.

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Quiz topic: Where's my apostrophe?