Is My Heart Ready? Part 3

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Hey! This is my third part of the Is My Heart Ready? Series. I hope you like them. I have been working really hard. Ok. So this is what you look like. You are a tall girl with Icy White Hair and Crystal blue eyes. You are a Junior in high school. You live with your step Family but they all treat you very well. And your life is a complete disaster until 5 Boys change it completely.

*~*~IMPORTANT*~*~*~ Hey Pople! I really want to know what you think will happen next! I want you to rite a 4th part and email it to parivashahmed @ and remove the spaces. Dont publish it, email me it. I will publish the winners and they will get the credit. Give me the website you want it to be too. Thank you.

Created by: Paris
  1. "What happened ______? Forgot me already?" She took of her mask and her hat revealing long auburn hair flowing to her knees. Her blue eyes always made them stand out. You were always jelouse of her because all thye boys would ask her out and they all thought you were a freek, but not Chis, and on the other hand Rebecca had strong feelings for him. "R..R..Rebecca?" you stater.
  2. "Well you do remember me?" every thing Starts to disappear and the last thing you hear is Rbecca laughing and Blazes voice shouting for help.
  3. You open your eyes to a dark room. You were laying on a HUGE bed and someone was sitting next to you on a stool, his head down. You manage to sit up without disturbing him when you feel a sharp pain in your back and neck. you accidentally say "OUcH!" "what your up! OH MY GOD! Thanx goodness!" It was Justin/Dustin, and he hugs you and kisses you on the cheeks. You are shocked because of that. "Umm.... Justin or Dustin? "um.. Justin..." He answers. "Oh. Are you alright? You are acting um..strange.." "Sorry i was overtaken by emotions." He leans in towards you. You just close your eyes as his lips softly touch yours. When he straitens up e softly wispers "Wake up.."
  4. You close your eyes and open them slowly, its the same room as the one in your dream but all the boys are there including Chris! "CHRIS!" You shout in excitement and suddenly sit straight when you feel the familiar pang of sharp pain "Waite!" they all shouted in unison. You feel back in your bed. Chris came up to you and kissed you on the forehead. He sat down next to you. You hugged him and started to cry. You called Tylor over. "What is it ____?" Tylor asked gently. "How did you do that? You were so fast, we were no where near the school...How?" "_______, youll know when time comes." Chris says rudely.
  5. "I need to rest.." You say turning away after Chris's Attitude. "_____ im sorry but.." "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE CHRIS!" "Ok." After that he leaves. After that Dustin leaves then Emmet. You notice that Emmet didnt say a single word to you after the note. 'hes probably guilty about what happened at school' you think. You notice that Justin is still in the room. You look up at him hes about to lave when you say "Waite!" "What?" he murmurs. You pat the place next to you. He walks up to you and sits down. You say "You know i had a very strange dream...." "You did?...What was it about?" "After all the strange things that had been happening, i dont think that you dont know..." "Hmmm...your rite.. I do bye." He gets up but you grab his hand.
  6. You feel his skin is really smooth and warm, he sighs and sits back down, you are staring at his hand (Me: I know weird but just go with it) You hold it both your hands, shifting it from one to other. Justin says "_______,I..a...I...Really...I i have to leave." He takes his hand back and leaves. As he laves you don't know why but you start crying.
  7. You cry yourself to sleep. *~*~*~*~*~*~*Meanwhile*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Emmet: Why cant we tell her guys? I think she needs to know. Tylor: Emmets rite. She will be able to defend herself at least. Emmet: She has already been through alot! They know we have her. Dustin: Tylor didnt you say that she fainted before they attacked? Tylor: Yeah. Why? Dustin: So she doesnt know every thing. She only knows were freaks.
  8. Justin: I... I Cant TAKE IT ANYMORE! Emmet: What happened dude? Justin: I cant see her like this! I want to save her! Emmet: Dude, we all do... Tylor: Hes rite Justin, and anyways she was chosen for me, ill do what ever it takes to save her. Justin: SHUT UP TYLOR! She IS NOT A PRIZE! Who said she was chosen for you? You know what happened to Emily when she was "chosen for you". So just stay away from her. Tylor: When you save someone, their life belongs to you. So.. Justin: Shut up you son of a bagel!
  9. Dustin: STOP IT YOU 2!!!! We cant let _____ Find out anything yet! Emmet: Well then your crazy! Justin: Come on Emmet, Lets go tell her!
  10. *~*~*~*~*~*~*Cliffhanger*~*~~*~*~~*~* First of all i would like to apologize for taking so long to post this quiz. Second of all Read the TOP!!!! Its Important! Thanks Bye!

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