True Heart and Magic ~Part 9~

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Welcome to Part 9 of my series!!!! Don't have much to say so... ya. Enjoy!! Bye!

Have fun!!

Created by: StarMaya
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  1. Jake starts pacing back and forth not knowing what to do. He starts to cry. hoping your not dead. Finally the guys wake up and see Jake crying. "Dude, What's up?" Jake jumps off the couch and shows him the video. The guys are shocked and Jake gets pissed. He walks out to the pool and looks around. *You* You open your eyes and see that your in the forest still. You look up and see that there are fluffy clouds forming. You know it's going to rain. "I have to get to the guys." You think. You look underneath you and see that your above a creek. You touch the water and the water crawls up your arm and to your stomach. It tries healing it but it does a little. You close your eyes and sit up. You llok at your hand that is drenched with blood. You try getting up but a pain goes through you. You start to fight it and keep feeling dizzy. "I lost a lot of blood." You say as you try walking. You look around and realize you have no idea where you are. You fight back the tears and continue walking. It starts to rain. You look down at you and see the blood washing away. You smile at the sky and see a bunch of angels smiling at you with tears in their eyes.
  2. You look down again and see a flowy white dress come over you. "No." You whisper and keep walking. Every step you take, It hurts you. But you know you have to make it. *Jake* He sits in a pool chair and thinks. All the memories of you come flooding back to him, then he remembers that they found you in the forest when you ran away. He snaps out of the memories and looks toward the forest to see lightning strike a tree. The tree catches on fire and Jake runs to it. *You* You see lightning strike a tree a burst into flames. (Same tree as the one Jake saw.) You gasp and back away but the flames catch another tree and make a fire circle around you. You cough from the smoke and lay down in the midle of the circle. You keep coughing when you hear a voice. It sounds like Jake. You can't get though because of the pain. You look around and the rain has stopped. You hear crunches of leaves close by and hear Jake cussing. You close your eyes. *Jake* He starts to put out the fire when he looks through the flames and sees you laying there.
  3. He runs through the flames to you. He sees a huge circle aound you. He looks down at you to see that your still breathing. He starts to pick you up when he hears a tree falling. *You* you feel someone pick you up but you hear a tree falling. You hear it fall and it's close by. You don't have the strength to open your eyes. "Hold on ______." Says Jake. You breath deeply and you know that you are saved. You force yourself to open your eyes and see Jake looking around franticly. You touch his cheek just as a tree falls behind you guys. He looks down at you and smiles. He starts to run when you feel a pain go through your stomach. You grip your stomach and Jake sees this and runs faster. You close your eyes but open them again and see a tree falling straight to Jake!
  4. You jump out of his arms and push him away from the tree. The tree misses him but you fall to the ground by pain. You get up and Jake is out from the push. You hold your stomach and climb over the tree and rush to Jake. You make it to him and touch his heart. You reach for your necklace and drop a drop on his chest. It sinks in and you smile as he wakes up. You start to get dizzy and Jake wakes up. He sees you about to faint so he picks you up and carries you. You grip your stomach as you feel the heat of the fire disappear. You close your eyes. *Jake* He rushes to the house where the guys are at. They see Jake running and rush out to see you in his eyes. They take you to the lab and look for the wound. They move your hand and see the wound. Cody says it's pretty deep. Jake looks at you and sees you still breathing. Cody tell the guys to leave so he can save you. The guys leave but they have to pull Jake out. He walks to your room and looks around. He sees all the memories flash back to his head. He sees you cry. He can see you sleep soundly. A tear falls from his eye and hits the ground.
  5. You start to open your eyes to see that your in the lab now. You look around and see none of the guys are there. You look at your wound to see that the cut is gone! You try to get up but feel dizzy. You fight it and start to walk out the door when Jake comes by. He passes right by you. You call out to him but he doesn't seem to hear you. You keep walking and soon you reach the living room where the guys are watching TV. You call out to them but they don't hear you. You start to walk toward them when you see yourself come out of the kitchen. You freeze and look at yourself. You look closer and see you have red eyes. "Maya." You whisper. You look at the guys and they have red eyes. Maya looks at you and smiles. She starts walking toward you when Jake comes in and goes right through you. You look in his eyes and see that their red also. "JAKE!" You shout. He doesn't hear you. Maya looks at you and pushes you a little. You fall back a little. "This is my world now. And these guys are mine." Maya smiles pushes you harder. You feel yourself falling off something. You look up and see the guys waving at you and smiling. The images gets smaller as you fall lower. You hit something and jerk up.
  6. You jerk up in your lab bed. You look around and see all the normal lab things except the guys aren't there. You look at your wound and it's gone. You get up to feel light headed. You ignore it and keep walking. You fall over, knocking over the tools. It makes a big crash and you hear footsteps running to you. The door opens and you see Jake and the guys rush in. They look at you and see you on the floor. You try to get up when you feel yourself being picked up by Zack. He hugs you and so do the guys. They set you back down on the lab bed. You look at them and they all are smiling. You start to feel light headed again and see the guys eyes turning red. You see Maya get behind them and smile. The picture fades.
  7. You feel yourself wake up but you don't open your eyes. Your scared to open your eyes. "______?" You hear a familiar voice say. You open your eyes and see Jake smiling at you. You look at him and wonder if it's another dream. "Am I dreaming?" You ask. He laughs and shakes his head. "Nope. It's real." Says Jake You smile and hug him. He hugs you back and picks you up. You look back and see that your going to the living room. You turn a corner and see the guys watching TV. They turn to Jake and see you in his arms. They run to you and hug you both. You smile and laugh. The guys set you down on the couch and sit around you. You and the guys watch Criminal Minds for a while before you fall asleep on Jake's arm. He picks you up and carries you to your room. He sets you down and lays with you. He plays with your hair and you fall asleep.
  8. You wake up to see Jake sleeping by you. You smile and sit up. As you do, you see someone standing by your door. You squint to see a 16 year old girl looking at you with gold eyes. She has Medium height black hair and a necklace around her neck. She comes toward you and smiles. "Who are you?" You say as you stay where you are. "My name is May. And I'm a dark angel that needs something from you." She smiles and grabs her necklace. She comes toward you and you back up a little. She grabs your arm with the bruise and pulls you up. You get scared as she tells you to sing. You look confused "Sing or your friend with die." She says as she looks at Jake. You look over there to see another girl by Jake with a knife. You look at May and start to sing like Ariel from the Little Mermaid when her voice was being taken. May smiles as you sing. You keep singing until you can't anymore. You try opening your mouth to talk but your voice is gone. May laughs and disappears. So does the girl by Jake. You look around and touch your throat. The sun comes up and Jake wakes up. He sees you standing by the door. He sees your scared impression and runs to you. "What's wrong?" He says looking for bruises. You shake your head and run out the door.
  9. You run to the pool and look around. Jake runs to you and grabs you. "______ Tell me what's wrong." You look at him with sad eyes and point to your throat. He gets confused so you run to the kitchen and grab pen and paper. You write...-Someone took my voice and threaten to kill you if I didn't give them my voice- Yous how the note to Jake and walk away. You sigh and sit on the couch. Jake comes in and looks at you. Your eyes are watery and he looks at your throat. You shake your head and put your head in your hands. He sits by you and holds your hands. Jake was about to say something when you hear your voice coming from the pool. You both turn that way to see May standing there.
  10. Jake gets up nad tells you to get back. You grab his arm and shake your head. He sighs and walks out. You follow him to the pool to see May standing there. She starts talking and it sounds a lot like you. "Aww. Jake to the rescue. Well can't let you get in my way can I?" She says. Jake puts you behind him and you see a silver glow come from her hand. She aims for Jake and shoots. Your eyes get big and run around Jake, putting yourself in front of him. The silver glow hits you right in your chest. Jake's eyes get big and you fly back, hitting Jake. He catches you and May disappears.
  12. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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