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So its part 25 of magic and boys! At least it came out faster than the last one right? I'm sorry but this one is kinda short...but you find out a lot...

Well maybe its not a lot but its something! xD Okay but this part YOU MUST READ! Okay..I just wanna thank you all for being so patient and waiting for my quizes to come out even if i take like 3 months. Comment and rate :)

Created by: fireprincess1996
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  1. You were surprised. "Me..and you...were-are cousins..?" You say. Jasmine nods. "Yep." She says. You laugh. "Impossible." You say. She frowns. "I can prove it." She says. You laugh more. "How?" You ask. "The memories and your past." She says. You stop laughing. She smiles. "I take it you want to know?" She says. You nod slowly.
  2. She thinks for a second. "Well theres so many memories..I don't know which one to choose." She says with a smile. You stay quiet and wait for her to pick one. "Well this really isn't a memorie but your last name isn't what you think it is." She says. "What is it than?" You ask. "Your name is _______ Hall." She says. "We have the same last name which I think its kinda weird." She adds with a laugh. You wait for her to go on. "Okay well heres one of the memories of us. We were about six and you wanted to go in the woods. So as the loveing cousin I am I went with you." She pauses so you can sink that part in.
  3. She takes a breath before continueing again. "And our moms said not to go far. But you went deeper into the woods. 'Your adventures have a way of getting me into trouble.' I said. You kept walking. We explored the woods for hours. Than we got lost. We were scared and hungry. It was starting to get dark out." She pauses again. You stay silent and she continues. "We started yelling for our moms and all that stuff. After a while my brother,Josh,found us and-" You cut her off. "Sorry but did you just say Josh?" You ask with wide eyes. "Yeah why?" She asks. "Oh nothing. Continue." You say.
  4. She mumbles something under her breathe but you don't hear it. "And he said we were going to be dead when we get back home. So we stayed close to him as he walked us home. When we walked inside mom and your mom ran up to us and did the whole 'where were you?' stuff and 'your in trouble' crap." She stops to laugh. "Than mom made us some food before getting baths and going to sleep." She said. You thought about it. "How do I know your not making this up?" You say. "How can I make that up? I can't make storys up that fast." She says. You sigh. "You don't remember why you were given to those mortals do you?" She says almost laughing. You shake your head. "No." You say. She smiles.
  5. "Well when you were eight some bad vamps invaded your house. It was the night before your birthday and you were watching a movie with your mom and dad when they came in. They broke the door down and they walked over to you. One of them grabbed your mom and than another one grabbed your dad. The one who grabbed your mom dissapeared. 'Mommy!' you screamed. You kept screaming." She pauses. As shes saying this,images start flashing in front of you. It was that night.
  6. "The one who grabbed your dad took out a sword and-Well your not paying so I'm guessing your seeing it all now." Jasmine says. You saw the one who grabbed your real dad take out a sword and put it to his chest. You saw you as a little girl turn towards them and scream louder. She had a tear steaked face. "No! Daddy no!" She yelled. But it was too late. The man put the sword in his chest. Your dad was now laying in a pool of his own blood.
  7. The man walks over to you and starts mumbleing words than everything gets fuzzy and your looking at Jasmine. Shes smileing.Tears started streaming down your face. "Why did you tell me this!" You shout. Jasmine laughs. "Your the one who wanted to know." She says. You turn your head away and wipe your tears. "Wanna hear more?" Jasmine asks. You turn towards her. "No!" You say. She laughs more. "Too bad." She says. You roll your eyes.
  8. "So one day we were walking around in the woods when we found this cave with symbols carved into it. We walked into it. At first we were a little scared to go into it but we did anyways." She pauses to take a breath. "So we started walking around in it. Water was leaking from the ceiling and it was hard to breathe in it. 'Lets go back.' I said. 'No lets explore it more.' You said. I wanted to leave but I knew I couldn't leave you alone. So we went deeper into the cave. It started getting cold and the water dripped more. Than we heard the roaring sound. Like water. We started walking towards the sound and saw a huge water fall with plants surrounding it." She says and smiles again. "We went back to get Josh and our moms. They told us to stay away from the waterfall." She says. "Why?" You ask. "You'll find out." She says.
  9. "So you didn't listen,as usual,and you dragged me along back to the cave. 'You know what mom told us.' I said. 'We're not going to get hurt.' You said. I sighed. You walked into the cave and I followed you. We walked until we found the waterfall. You started walking over to it. I followed you and saw a huge pool like thing where the waterfall fell into. You started walking over to the edge of the water. You took off your shoes and socks. I grabbed your arm. 'Don't.' I said. 'Why?' You asked. 'Because.' 'Because why?' I couldn't think of an answer. 'Its...Dangerous.' I said. 'How do you know?' You asked. I sighed. There was nothing I could do to stop you. You stuck your feet in the water. I waited for you to do something like scream or something. But nothing happend. I took off my shoe and socks and stuck my feet in. After what seemed like a couple but was really a couple hours,we started hearing Josh call our names. We hurried up and put our shoes and socks back on. We ran to the cave entrance and started hearing Josh yell for us again. 'What?' I yelled back and we saw Josh walk towards us. 'Were you guys in the cave?' He asked us looking at us than the cave. We shook our heads no. 'Well dinner's almost done.' He said and started walking. We followed him." She stops and waits for you to say something. "So I'm still not hearing about why we weren't aloud to go into the cave and waterfall." You say.
  10. She sighs. "Lets just say we got really sick and almost died." She said. Your eyes widen a bit. "But we didn't." She says. You stay silent. "I gotta go." She says and stands up and walks away. You think about the memories and than you think about Josh. 'Could he be the same one?' You think. You shake your head. 'No. Impossible.' You think. You start to get tired. You lay down and close your eyes. You feel yourself drift off to sleep.
  11. Well thats it for part 25! sorry its so short..Comment and rate and take part 26!

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